The Elevated Place

1) Alif/1, Lam/30, Mim/40, Sad/90.[#94]
2,3) This is the Book revealed to you; that is interpenetrated into you so you may warn with it and as a reminder to the believers. Therefore, let there not be any distress from it in your heart. Follow what has been sent down from your Rabb to you and do not follow those so called familiars who are guides, helpers and protectors from among those that are inferior to Allah. How little you remember!
4,5) And We manipulated, destroyed many cities. Our punishment came to some of them at night when they were asleep and to some of them during the day while they were resting. When Our punishment came to them, their declaration was nothing except that they said "We were truly the ones who did wrong to themselves by associating others with Allah!".
6) Then surely We will question those to whom the messengers were sent, indeed We will question the messengers as well.
7) Then surely We will narrate to them with knowledge; because We were not far away.
8) And that day, the weighing will be the truth. Those whose weights are heavier, will be saved.
9) And those whose scale/weights are lighter, then they are those who will lose as they were violent against our Ayat.
10) And surely, We placed you on the earth and gave you livelihood; how little you repay for the blessings you are given!
11) And indeed, it is We Who formed you, then proportioned you and said to the forces in the universe,[#95] "Submit to Adam/human who was given knowledge, who received the revelation"[#96]; all of them except Iblis/thinking ability[#97] submitted right away; he did not become of those who submit.
12) Allah said: "What did prevent you from submitting when I commanded you to do so? Iblis said: "I am better than him. You formed me from fire/energy, and You formed him from clay/substance".
13) Allah said: "Then descent from there immediately, it is not for you to be arrogant there, get out now, you truly are of the disgraced".
14) Iblis said: "Give me respite until the day they will be resurrected".
15) Allah said: "Then you are of those who are given respite".
16,17) Iblis said: "Then because You put me in transgression, I will sit on Your straight path, and then I will approach them from their front, from their back, right and left and You will not find many of them as the ones who repay for the blessings they are given".
18,19) Allah said: "Now, get out of there, being expelled and disgraced. Whoever among them follows you, indeed I will fill Jahannah [Hell] with all of you." And said: "O Adam/the one who was given knowledge, who received the revelation! You and your wife dwell in green, lush gardens/paradise, eat from wherever you will and do not get closer to that tangled thing which is the source of dispute; do not fall for property and wealth[#98], or you will be of those who do wrong, act against their own good."
20,21,22) Then Iblis whispered to them to show them their evil which was concealed from them. And said: "Your Rabb banned you from/forbade you of this tangled thing, which is the source of dispute; wealth and property just to make you angels/creature without free will or eternal/undeveloped entities; and not for any other reason". And he sworn/provided evidences to them, saying "Truly I am of the advisers". Thus he deceived them and made them fall. When they tasted that tangled thing, which is the source of conflict; wealth and property, their greed and ambitions surged and started to pile up wealth and property. Then their Rabb called on them: "Have I not forbidden you to fall for wealth and property and said to you that "This satan is definitely an explicit enemy to you"?
23) Then they both said: "O our Rabb! We have treated ourselves unjustly and if you do not forgive us and have mercy upon us, we will definitely be among the losers!"
24) Allah said: "Descend from there being enemy to each other, and for you on the earth is a settlement and enjoyment until a time".
25) Allah said: "You will live there, die there and then will be brought forth from there".[#99]
26) O mankind! We sent down to you clothing to cover your evil and dresses to adorn. And clothing of "being under the guardianship of Allah"; it is better. Here, this is from the Ayat of Allah so they may think and remember.
27) O mankind! Do not let satan to avert you from the true religion as he stripped your father and mother of their clothing to show them their evil thus driving them out from green, lush gardens/paradise! Because he and his tribe see you from where you can not see them. We made devils the ones who guide, help to those who do not believe.
28) And when they commit an immorality they say: "We found our ancestors on this path, Allah has ordered this to us". Then say: "Allah does not order immorality. Are you saying about Allah that which you do not know?"
29) Say: "My Rabb has commanded justice and equity. And turn your face; yourself to Him at every masjid's [school][#100] nearby; in public and invoke your Rabb by purifying the religion only for Him. You will return to Him as He created you first."
30) He guided a group, and a group deserved going astray; they took devils as their familiars who are guides, helpers and protectors from among those that are inferior to Allah and they truly think they are upon the righteous path they were guided.
31) O mankind! At every masjid's [school] nearby; in public take your adornments, eat and drink; enjoy but do not be extravagant; indeed Allah does not like the extravagant ones.
32) Say: "Who made haram/forbidden the adornments which Allah brought forth for His servants and the clean provisions?" Say: "These are for those who believe in simple worldly life - only for them on the day of Qiyamat [Resurrection] -." Thus We explain the Ayat in detail for a people who know.
33) Say: "Indeed my Rabb has only made haram/forbidden immoralities; what is apparent and concealed of them, harms, oppression without right, and associating those things with Allah about which Allah sent no authority and saying things about Allah that you do not know."
34) And there is an end of the term for every community with a leader. Therefore, when their end of the term comes, they will neither postpone for a moment nor will they advance.
35) O mankind! Whoever enters under the guardianship of Allah and reforms when messengers who recite My Ayat come to you from among you, then there will not be fear for them and they will not grieve.
36,37) But those who deny our Ayat and are arrogant towards them, they are the companions of the fire. They will abide there eternally. Then, who can do more wrong; act more against his own good than the one who invents a lie about Allah or denies His Ayat? Then they will receive their shares from the Book; and when Our messengers come to take their lives, they will say: "Where are those to whom you used to invoke from among those that are inferior to Allah?" They will say: "Those to whom we used to invoke departed from us." and they will testify against themselves that they were infidels; those who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb.
38) Allah will say: "Enter among those peoples with a leader who passed on before you; who are in the fire, whether you know them or not!". Every time a people enter, they curse their brother. At the end, when all of them gather in there, then the later ones will say about the former ones: "Our Rabb! They made us astray. Punish them many times more from the fire". Allah will say: "Punishment is many times more for all but you do not know".
39) Then the former ones will say to the later ones: "You do not have an advantage over us. Then taste the punishment for what you did".
40,41) Ways of abundance, happiness will not be opened for those who deny Our Ayat and are arrogant towards them, and they will not enter into Jannah [Heaven/Paradise] until a camel/a noose passes through the eye of a needle. Thus We recompense the criminals. Beds from Jahannah [Hell] and coverings over them will be for them. And thus We punish the tyrants.
42,43) As to those who believe and do amendatory deeds; - then We do not burden any one more than its capacity -, they are the companions of Jannah [Heaven/Paradise] and they will abide there eternally. And We will tear and dispose of all grudge, hatred, jealousy, deception, treachery and malice from their chests. Underneath them rivers flow. They will say: "All praise is to Allah Who has guided us for this. Had Allah not guided us, we could not have reached the righteous path to which we were guided. Indeed, the prophets of our Rabb came to us with the truth". And they will be called: "Here is Jannah [Heaven]! You have inherited this/become last owners of this with what you did".
44,45) Then the companions of Jannah [Heaven] will call out to the companions of the fire: "We have found that what our Rabb promised us is real. Then, have you found that what your Rabb promised you is real?". They will reply: "Yes". Then an announcer from among them will announce that the curse/deprival of mercy of Allah will definitely be upon those who avert people from the path of Allah and wish the path to become crooked and those who do wrong; act against their own good, who consciously deny Akhirat [Afterlife].
47) When their eyes turn to the companions of the Fire, they say: "Our Rabb! Do not place us with these traitors".
48,49) Those who have knowledge of the sections of the Qur'an, will call out to those whom they will recognize from their signs and they will say: "Your community and that with which you were arrogant have not availed you. Are those the ones whom you swore that Allah would not grant His mercy? - that this mercy is the promise that Allah gave, "Enter Jannah [Heaven], there is no fear for you and you will not grieve"-.[#102]
50,51,46) And the companions of the fire will call to the companions of Jannah [Heaven]: "Give us some water or some of that which Allah has provided you". Then they will say: "Allah has forbidden both of them to those infidels; who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb who ridiculed their religion and took it as an amusement, whom the simple worldly life deluded!". - As they ignored that they would meet this day and consciously denied Our Ayat/evidences/signs, We will ignore/punish them on this day.- Between them will stand a curtain. And those who have knowledge about the sections of the Qur'an,[#101] will recognize them all from their signs. And those who have knowledge about the Qur'an call out to the companions of Jannah [Heaven] who hoped for Jannah [Heaven] but have not entered yet: "Salam [health, peace, happiness...] be upon you!"
52) Surely We had brought a Book as a guidance and mercy for those believers which We explained in detail with a complete knowledge.
53) What do they expect other than its fulfillment? When the day on which it will be fulfilled, those who never cared about it will say: "Truly the messengers of our Rabb brought the truth to us. Are there any intercessors to intercede on behalf of us? Or could we be sent back so we might do other than what we did?". Surely, they had made themselves lose. And that which they invented have departed from them.
54) Indeed, your Rabb is Allah Who formed the heavens/universe and the earth in six phases, then established dominion on the greatest throne,[#103] covers the day with the ever pursuing night and created the sun, the moon and the stars as they are under His command. Know well that forming and maintaining systems belongs only to Him. Allah, Who is Rabb of all universes[#104], how generous is He!
55,56) Pray to your Rabb secretly/openly by exalting Him and lowering yourselves continuously. Surely, He does not like the transgressors. And after being corrected, do not cause corruption on the earth. Pray to Him in awe and hoping for His mercy. Indeed, mercy of Allah is very close to those who do good.[#105]
57,58) And He sends winds as harbingers of good tidings/distributors/spreaders before His mercy so you may remember. When those winds bear the rain clouds, He sends them to an arid land, then We make them pour water. Thus We make every kind of crops grow. Thus We will resurrect the dead. And plants of the good region grow by permission/knowledge of your Rabb; and on the bad lands grows nothing but useless vegetation. Thus We explain the Ayat in different ways, over and over, for a people who repay for the blessings given to them.
59) Indeed We sent Noah as a messenger to his people and he said to them: "O my people! Worship Allah, no deity is for you but Him. Truly, I fear the punishment of a great day which will be against your own good that will come upon you".
60) Chiefs of his people said: "We see you in an explicit astray".
61,62,63) And Noah said: "O my people! There is no straying in me. However, I am a messenger sent by Rabb of all universes. I convey to you the truth which my Rabb sent, remind you and I know from Allah that which you do not know. Have you wondered that a reminder/a book has come to one from among you who would warn you so you may enter under the guardianship of Allah and receive mercy?".
64) Then they denied him, so We saved Noah and those who were with him in the ship and We drowned those who denied Our Ayat in the water! Truly they were a blind people.
65) Surely We sent to the people of Ad their brother, Hud, as a messenger. And he said:" O my people! Worship Allah, no deity is for you but Allah. Will you not enter under the guardianship of Allah?".
66) Chiefs among his people who were infidels, those who consciously denied the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb said: "We see you as an retarded/ignorant person and we really think that you are a liar".
67,68,69) Hud said: O my people! I am no retarded nor ignorant, however I am a messenger sent by Rabb of all universes. I convey to you what my Rabb sent and I am a trustworthy adviser for you. Are you really surprised that a reminder/a book has come to a man from among you for you so he may warn you? And remember that He made you successors of the people of Noah, and He increased you in stature at formation. Remember the blessings of Allah so you may succeed".
70) Then they said: "Have you come to make us to worship Allah without associating others with Him and leave what our ancestors worshipped? Then, if you are among the truthful, bring us that with which you threaten us!".
71) Hud said: "Punishment and defilement from your Rabb have set down upon you. Do you dispute with me for the names for which Allah sent no evidence and which your ancestors invented? Then wait; indeed I am one of those who wait, with you!".
72) Upon this, we rescued Hud and those with him, with Our mercy from Us. And We eliminated those who denied Our Ayat and who did not believe.
73,74) Surely, We sent Thamud their brother Salih as a messenger. He said: "O my people! Worship Allah, no deity is for you but Allah. Your Rabb has sent you a clear evidence. This camel/social relief and support principle of Allah is an Ayah for you; So let it graze on the earth of Allah, do not touch it with evil, or you will be seized by a grievous punishment. And remember that He made you successors of the people of Ad. And placed you on the earth: You build palaces from its plains, you carve its mountains as your homes. Then remember the blessings of Allah and do not transgress on the earth, being the ones who cause corruption".
75) And chiefs among his people who were arrogant said to those who have believed, who looked weak among them: "Do you really know that Salih is truly a messenger sent by Rabb? They said: "We certainly believe in what is revealed through him!".
76,77) Those who were arrogant said: "We are the ones who consciously deny what you believe in!". Then they rapidly depleted the resources that maintained those social relief and support facilities[#106] and disobeyed their Rabb insolently and said: "O Salih! If you are the messenger as you say, bring us with what you threaten us!".
78) Then a violent tremor seized them so they fell on knees within their homeland.
79) Then Salih turned away from them and said:" O my people! Surely I have conveyed what my Rabb sent and I have advised you, but you do not like those who advise".
80,81) Surely, We sent Lot as a messenger as well. Then he said his people: "Do you commit such immorality that no people/community did before you? Truly and certainly you approach with lust to men who are inferior to women in terms of sexuality instead of women. Surely you are a transgressing people".
82) And the answer of his people was only that they said, "Drive them out of your city because they are such people who keep themselves excessively pure!".
83,84) Thereafter We saved him and his family except for his wife; she was one of those who stayed behind; one of those who were with those sinful people in terms of thoughts. And We poured down upon them a rain. See how was the end of those sinners!
85,86,87) Surely We sent to Midian their brother Shu'ayb as a messenger. He said: "O my people! Worship Allah, no deity is for you but Allah. There came a clear evidence from your Rabb: Do the weighing and measuring accurately, do not deprive people from their due rights, do not cause corruption on the earth after being corrected; if you are those who believe, this is better for you! Do not sit on every path, threatening, averting the believers from the path of Allah and seeking the deviation of that path. Remember you were few but He made you many. And see how was the end of the corrupters! And if a group among you has believed in that which was sent with me and a group has not believed, then be patient until Allah judges between us. And He is the best of those who judge".
88,89) And the chiefs among his people who were arrogant said: "O Shu'ayb! Either we definitely drive you and those who have believed with you out of this city or you will return to our religion/lifestyle!" And Shu'ayb said: "Even if we are unwilling? If we returned to your religion/lifestyle after Allah saved us from it, we would certainly invent lie against Allah. It is not for us to return to it except that Allah, our Rabb should will. Our Rabb encompasses everything with His knowledge. So we trust and rely only on Allah". - O our Rabb! Judge justly between us and our people. Because You are the best of those who judge! -
90) And the infidels among his people; the chiefs who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb said: "If you follow Shu'ayb, you will definitely be one of those who will lose".
91,92) Then that grievous tremor seized them, so they fell on knees within their homeland. Those who denied Shu'ayb became as if they never dwelt/were never prosperous there. Those who denied Shu'ayb, they became the ones who lost.
93) Then Shu'ayb turned away from them and said: "O my people! I have conveyed to you what my Rabb sent and I have advised you; therefore, how could I worry for a people of infidels; a people who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb?"
94,95) Whenever We sent a prophet to a city, We seized its people with poverty and deprivation so they might know their place and invoke. Then We replaced evil with good; then they reproduced and said: "Such poverty and deprivation touched our ancestors as well". Then We seized them suddenly while they did not perceive.
96) And if the people of those cities had believed and entered under the guardianship of Allah, We would have certainly opened upon them all the blessings from the heavens/universe and the earth. However, they denied. So We seized them for what they had been doing.
97,98,99) So, did the people of those cities feel secure from Our punishment that would come to them while they were sleeping at night? Or did the people of those cities feel secure from Our punishment that would come to them in the morning while they were occupied with trivial things? So, did they feel secure from the intricate plan of Allah? No one feels secure from the intricate plan of Allah but a people who have lost.
100) And did it not guide; influence those who inherited the earth; last owners of it after its previous owners: "If We willed, We would recompense them for their sins. We seal their hearts so they do not hear".
101,102) Those cities which We relate to you about some of their important news. Surely, their prophets came to them with explicit proofs. But they were not to believe in what they had previously denied. So, thus Allah seals the hearts of those infidels; those who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb. We did not find that most of them were true to their covenants. The truth is that We found that most of them were the ones who went astray from the path.
103) Then after those messengers/those people, We sent Moses with Our evidences/signs to Pharaoh and his chiefs but they treated the evidences/signs unjustly. See how was the end of those corrupters!
104,105) And Moses said: "O Pharaoh! Truly I am a messenger sent by Rabb of all universes. I am liable to say nothing but the truth about Allah. Truly, I have come to you with a crystal clear evidence from your Rabb. So let the Israelites leave along with me".
106) Pharaoh said: "If you have come with evidence, then bring it forth if you are one of those who tell the truth".
107,108) Then Moses threw his knowledge[#107] forth and it obviously became "a devourer"[#108]. And he pulled out his strength and put it open; then his strength was excellent and perfect for the audience.[#109]
109,110,111,112) Chiefs among the people of Pharaoh said: "Indeed, this is a very knowledgeable, fascinating, influential scholar.[#110] He wants to deport you from your land". Pharaoh said: "Then what is your command?". They replied: "Keep him and his brother and send gatherers to cities. Let them bring you all very knowledgeable, fascinating, influential scholars".
113,114) And those very knowledgeable, fascinating, influential scholars came to Pharaoh, they said: "If it is we who prevail, will there be a great reward for us?". Pharaoh said: "Yes! And you will definitely be among those who are made close to me".
115) The very knowledgeable, fascinating, influential scholars said: "O Moses! Will you bring forward your thesis or will we bring forward ours first?".
116) Moses said: "You, bring forward yours first". And when they brought forward theirs, they fascinated the people and they wanted to put them in order according to their own thoughts. And they presented a great influential ingenuity.
117,118) And We revealed to Moses and said: "Bring your knowledge forward". And they marveled at once, it devoured all they made up and brought forward. Thus the truth prevailed and all that Pharaoh and the chiefs had done failed.
119) Pharaoh and the chiefs were defeated and returned as a humiliated community.
120,121,122) The very knowledgeable, fascinating, influential scholars were left there as they submitted. They said: "We believe in Rabb of all universes; Rabb of Moses and Aaron".
123,124,125,126) And Pharaoh said: "Have you believed in him before I gave you permission? Indeed, this is a conspiracy that you have set in the city to drive his people out of the city. You will know soon. Indeed I will cut you off the covenants; commitments, then indeed, I will take you out of your comfortable environment; I will take you out of your business in the city and I will make you agricultural laborer in the date palm farms, I will make you work in the stone pits, in the hardest works". The very knowledgeable, fascinating, influential scholars said: "Indeed, we return only to our Rabb. And you seize and punish us only because we have believed in the Ayat of our Rabb when they came to us". -"O our Rabb! Give us endless patience so we will not ease off, weaken, succumb. And take our lives as Muslims!"-
127) And the chiefs among the people of Pharaoh said: "Will you free Moses and his people so they may abandon you and your idols/cease to take you as their idol and cause corruption on the earth? And Pharaoh said: "We will kill their sons; make them weak, unqualified by leaving them uneducated, we will cover their women with disgrace and we are the ones who are very powerful over them".
128) And Moses said to his people: "Ask Allah for His help and be patient. Indeed, the earth belongs to Allah. He makes whomever He wills of His servants inherit it. And the best ending is only for those who enter under the guardianship of Allah".
129) And the people of Moses said to him: "We have been harmed before you came to us and after you came to us". And Moses said: "It is hoped that your Rabb will manipulate, destroy your enemies and make you successors to them on the earth. Thus He will observe your deeds".
130,131) And surely, We seized Pharaoh and his family with years of droughts and shortness of crops, that they might think and be reminded. Then, when good came to them, they said: "This belongs to us". If an evil came to them, they saw it ill omen of Moses and his people. Know well, their ill omen is with Allah. But most of them do not know.
132) And the people of Pharaoh said: "We will not be the believers in you no matter what evidence/sign you bring".
133) So, We sent upon them with certain intervals the flood, locusts, bugs, frogs and blood as Ayat. But they acted arrogantly again and became a people of criminals.
134) And when this punishment set upon them, they said: "O Moses! Invoke your Rabb for us by the covenant/promise He gave to you; if you remove from us this punishment, we will certainly believe in you. And we will definitely let the Israelites leave along with you".
135) But every time We removed the punishment from them until a predetermined term which they were to reach, then at once they broke their word.
136,137) Then We maintained justice by recompensing them for they definitely denied our Ayat [evidences/signs] and were heedless of them. And We drowned them in a large body of water/the river.[#111] And We made those people who had been oppressed/weakened, inheritors of all places that We had blessed. Thus the good promise of your Rabb to Israelites was fulfilled[#112] for they had been patient. And We destroyed all the industry work and that which Pharaoh and his people had been building.
138,139) And We took the Israelites across a large body of water/the river[#113]. Then they came upon a people that worshipped the idols that belonged to them. They said: "O Moses! Assign us a god just as they have gods!" And Moses said: "You are truly an ignorant people. The religion which those people follow will definitely vanish and all what they do is falsehood".
140) And Moses said: "Shall I seek for you a god other than Allah while He has favored you over the people of the time?"
141) We saved you from the hands of Pharaoh and his family who had been inflicting you with the evil of the torment; killing your sons; strangling your sons; making you weak, unqualified by leaving you uneducated and covering your women with disgrace. There was a great trial from your Rabb for you in this.
142) And We assigned Moses with thirty nights and then completed it with ten more nights. Thus the number of nights assigned by your Rabb was completed to forty. And Moses told his brother Aaron: "Take my place among my people, amend and do not follow the way of the corrupters!".
143) When Moses arrived to the place on the time We had assigned and his Rabb spoke to him. Moses said: "O my Rabb! Show me Yourself so I can look at You!". And his Rabb said to him: "You can never see me but look at that mountain, if it should remain in its place then you will see Me". Then when his Rabb manifested Himself to the mountain, it scrambled and then Moses fell unconscious. When he recovered his consciousness, he said: "I purify You, I have turned to You; I have repented and I am the first of the believers".
144) Allah said: "O Moses! I chose you over the people with my messages and words. Now, take what I have given you and be of those who repay for what they are given!".
145,146,147) And We wrote for him on the tablets an advice from all things and a detailed explanation for everything. "Go on, take these and hold them firm,[#114] and command your people to take in the best way. Soon I will show you the land of those people who have gone astray from the righteous path. I will keep away from Our Ayat those who do not believe even when they see all Ayat, who do not follow the righteous path even if they see it, and follow the path of going astray when they see it, and act arrogantly without right on the earth". -This is because they deny Our Ayat and they are apathetic and careless to them - All in vain are the deeds of those who deny Our Ayat and the meeting at Akhirat [Afterlife]. Are they recompensed for anything other than their deeds?
148) After him, the people of Moses took an idol that had an alluring voice[#115] by gathering the ornaments of his people but in fact had no function at all; they created a capital and worshipped to it. - Did they not see that it neither spoke to them nor guided them? - They took it and became the ones who do wrong, act against their own good.
149) When they saw that they had gone astray, they said: "If our Rabb does not show mercy to us and forgive us, we will definitely be among those losers".
150) And when Moses returned to his people, angry and grieved, he said: "You have been evil successors/lineage to me! Did you make the Judgment of your Rabb closer?". And he left the tablets and seized his brother Aaron by his head and pulled him to himself. Aaron said: "O son of my mother! Believe me, this people made me weak, they were about to kill me. Therefore, do not do anything to me over which the enemies would rejoice. And do not place me among those people who do wrong to themselves".
151) And Moses said: "My Rabb! Forgive me and my brother! Admit us into Your mercy. And You are the most merciful of those who are merciful".
152) Indeed, those who worshipped gold, their Rabb will not be pleased with them and "humiliation" will be for them in the worldly life. Thus We punish those who invent.
153) -Surely, your Rabb will be forgiving and merciful after this for those who have done evil deeds but then repent and believe-
154) When the anger of Moses subsided, he took the tablets. What was written on them was a guidance and mercy only for those who become an ideal person for their Rabb.
155) And Moses chose seventy men to his people for the time that We appointed. And when a tremor seized them, Moses said: "My Rabb! If you had willed, You would have manipulated/destroyed them and me as well before. Now, will You manipulate/destroy us for what those fools among us did? This is nothing but your purification. In Your purification, You lead astray whom You will, You guide whom You will. You are our helper, our familiar Who guides. So please forgive us, show mercy. You are the best of forgivers. And ordain for us good in this world and in Akhirat [Afterlife]. We truly have turned to You".
156,157) Allah says: "I have My punishment; I will touch with it whom I will, and I have My Mercy; that encompasses everything. I will decree it especially to those who enter under guardianship of Allah, those who give zaqah; the tax that the believers sincerely give as a liability of belief and duty of servitude so that the religion of Allah may be spread, maintained and Salah may be established[#116] and who believe in Our Ayat; and those who follow the Messenger, the Prophet who is from the Mother City/Mecca who orders them the good, forbids them from evil, allows them that which is clean and pleasant and prohibits for them that which is filthy and evil, relieves them of their burden, ties and chains which were upon them; whom they can find written in the Torah and in the Bible which are with them. Therefore, those who believe in him, show him a strong respect, support him and follow the light sent down with him will be the ones who will succeed".
158) Say: "O mankind! Surely I am the messenger sent by Allah, the owner of the heavens/universe and the earth, the only supreme god, the One Who gives life and the One Who takes life, to you all. Then, believe in and obey His Messenger, who believes in Allah and His words to guide you to the righteous path; the Prophet from the Mother City; from Mecca".
159) And from among the people of Moses, there is a community with a leader who shows the truth and implements justice with the truth.
160) And We divided them into twelve tribes who are led by grandsons. And when his people asked him for water, We revealed to Moses: "Implement[#118] your knowledge upon your stonyhearted people[#117]". Then his stonyhearted people divided into twelve nations/people[#119]. Each of those people learned well/marked where they receive water. And We shaded them with clouds. We sent down to them manna and honey/quail; "Eat from the pure of those blessings We have provided you!" They did not treat us unjustly, they were acting unjustly to themselves.
161) They were once told: "Dwell in that city and eat whatever you will from therein and say "Hitta" [forgive our sins]! and enter through the door as submitted. We will forgive your sins and increase to the doers of good".
162) Then some among them who did wrong; acted against their own good changed the word to another word which was other than what had been said to them. We sent down upon them a punishment from the sky for they did wrong; acted against their own good.
163) And ask them about that city that was located at the seaside. They transgressed on the day assigned for servitude, for contemplation. They were distressed on the day assigned for servitude, for contemplation; while on other days were they happy.[#120] Thus We test them for they went astray from the righteous path.
164) And when a community from among them; a people with a leader said: "Why do you advise a people that will be manipulated/destroyed or punished with a severe punishment by Allah?"; then those who warned them said: "As an excuse before your Rabb so they may enter under the guardianship of Allah too".
165,166) And when they ignored what was reminded to them, We saved those who avoided the evil and seized those wrong-doers severely/with a punishment that rendered them poor, for they had gone astray from the righteous path. And when they were insolent about what they had been forbidden, We said to them: "Become apes, by being despicable-cursed ones !".
167) And then your Rabb declared that He would definitely send upon them those who would afflict them with the worst punishment until the day of Qiyamat [Resurrection]. Surely, your Rabb is swift in giving punishment. And indeed, He is the One Who removes the sins of His servants, does not punish them and has much forgiveness, the One Who is the possessor of vast mercy.
168) And We divided them into many communities with leaders on the earth. Some of them were righteous, and some of them were lesser than that. And We tested them with good and evil so they may return.
169) Then after them, a generation succeeded them. They inherited the book. They took the worthless commodities of this world and said: "We will be shown mercy/forgiven". When such worthless commodities came to them, they took it as well. - Was not the covenant of the book taken from them that they would say about Allah nothing but the truth? And they had studied and learned what is in it. The home of Akhirat [Afterlife] is better for those who enter under the guardianship of Allah. Will you not reason? -
170) And as for those who cling onto the book and establish Salah[#121] [establish and maintain the institutions that support financially and spiritually; enlighten the community], We will not let be lost the reward of those who amend/do good.
171) When once that mountain was like a shadow/an umbrella and they were fearful that it would fall upon them, We ascended their selected one up to that mountain:[#122] "Cling onto what We have given you to be under the guardianship of Allah and always remember what is inside it!".
172,173,174) Yet, your Rabb takes from loins of the mankind their lineage and makes them testify against themselves, so that you may not say on the day of Qiyamat [Resurrection], "We were not aware of these" or you may not say, "Our ancestors before us associated others with Allah, we are the generations that followed them; will You manipulate/destroy us for what those who committed falsehood did?" and they may turn away from denying Our Ayat; "Am I not your Rabb?". And they say: "Indeed You are our Rabb; we testify". And thus We explain the Ayat in such detail.
175) And recite to them the serious news of that one to whom We gave Our Ayat, then he detached himself from them then satan made him follow himself thus becoming of those who transgressed.
176) And if We had willed, We could have elevated him with those Ayat but he was stuck into the ignominy and followed his desires. Now his example is like the example of the dog that pants if you chase; and still pants if you leave him alone. This is the end of those people who deny Our Ayat. Therefore, tell them this story throughout so that they may think very well.
177) How evil is the example of those people who denied Our Ayat and only treated unjustly to themselves!
178) Whoever Allah guides, he is the one who follows the righteous path he is guided. And whoever Allah leads astray, it is those who lose.
179) And certainly We produced and multiplied many of those that you know and you do not know; those who have heart/brain/reason but do not contemplate and understand, those who have eyes but do not see with them, those who have ears but do not hear with them for Jahannah [Hell]. They are like four-legged cattles. They are even in more astray. They are the ones who are apathetic.
180) And the best names belong only to Allah. Then, call Him with those names. And abandon those who deviate concerning His names. They will soon be recompensed for what they have been doing.
181) Again, there is a community from among those We have formed, who guides to the truth and establishes justice with it.
182) And indeed We will slowly and progressively lead those who deny Our Ayat to the manipulation/destruction from the direction that they would not know.
183) I give them respite as well. Indeed, My plan is very firm.
184) And have they not thought about that their companion is not supported by secret forces/is not a madman? He is only an explicit warner.
185) And have they not looked at the possession and the government of the heavens/universe and the earth, anything that Allah has formed and the possibility that their term has definitely come close? Then what would they believe other than this?
186) Whoever Allah leads astray, then there is no one to guide him. And He leaves them in their transgression, confused.
187) They ask you about the Hour; about the moment the Qiyamat [Resurrection]: "When will it arrive?" Say: "Its knowledge is with my Rabb only. No one will reveal its time except Him. The knowledge of it is heavy in the heavens/universe and the earth/it is unknown. It will come upon you unexpectedly". They ask you about it as if you know it very well. Say: "Its knowledge is with Allah. But most of the people do not know".
188) Say: "I am not capable of getting any benefit or precluding any loss other than what Allah wills. If I had known the unseen, unheard, unfelt, the past and the future, I would definitely have wished to increase the good/used it to my own advantage. And I was involved in nothing evil. I am only a warner and a bringer of good tidings to a people who believe".
189) He is the One who formed you from a single self and then made its mate to accompany it. When he covered and enshrouded her, then she carried a light burden. And she continued with this. When the wife got heavier, then they both invoked their Rabb: "If you give us a healthy child, indeed we will be among those who repay".
190) When He gave them a healthy child, they ascribed partners to Him about what He gave them. Allah is purified from that which they associate with Him, high above them.
191) Do they associate with Him that which does not form anything and they are formed?
192,193) But they are not able to help the ones who worship. They are not able to help themselves either. If you invite them to the righteous path, they will not follow you. It is the same for you whether you invite them or do not invite them and keep silent.
194,195,196,197,198) Those that you invoke from among those that are inferior to Allah are servants like you are. If you are truthful, call upon them and let them respond to you. Do they have feet with which they walk, hands with which they hold, eyes with which they see or ears with which they hear? Say: "Call your partners, then conspire against me and give me no respite. Surely my guide, helper, protector is Allah who sent down the book. And He is the guide, helper, protector of those who are righteous. Those that you invoke from among those that are inferior to Him are unable to help you, they can not help themselves either. If you invite them to the righteous path, they do not hear. And you see them looking at you, however they do not see."
199) Take the forgiveness, command with the "Urf" [group of Ayat of the Qur'an] and keep away from the ignorant.
200) If satan tries to allure you, then immediately seek refuge in Allah. Indeed, He is the One Who hears best, Who knows best.
201,202) And when satan tries to allure, to give delusion to those who enter under the guardianship of Allah, even when their brothers drag them to straying and cling to them, they remember/think. Then you see that they know!
203) And when you do not bring an Ayah to them, they say: "Why have you not made up one?" Then say: "I only follow what is revealed to me from my Rabb". Then, this Qur'an is the statement of your Rabb that will open the eye of heart, is a guidance and a mercy for a people who believe.
204) And when the Qur'an is learnt and taught for you to be spared, heed immediately and keep silent.
205) And always remember your Rabb within yourself with a voice which is not loud, fearing and lowering yourself and do not be of the apathetic!
206) Surely, those who know their Rabb well will not act arrogantly to worship Allah; they purify Him from all deficiencies and they submit and worship only to Him.