The Israelites

88,1) And do not invoke another deity with Allah. There is no deity except Him. Everything will be destroyed except His existence. Only to Him belong the judgment-principle. And you will be returned only to Him. Purified from all deficiencies is the One Who, by one night, made His servant walk from Masjid Al-Haram to Masjid Al-Aqsa[#183], a side of which We blessed, so We might show him of Our Ayat/evidences/signs. Indeed, He is the One Who hears best and sees best.
2,3) And We gave Moses the Book and made the Book a guidance for the Israelites - from the descendants of those whom We saved by carrying to the ship with Noah - so you might not take an entity/authority that arranges all creatures pursuant to a schedule and implements this schedule by supporting, maintaining it from among those that are inferior to Me. Indeed, Noah was a grateful servant; who was repaying for the blessings he had been given.
4,5,6) And We decreed to Israelites in the Book that: "You will definitely make corruption on the earth/be defeated twice and rise again with a great haughtiness". And when the time of the first of them came, We sent upon you Our mighty servants and they wandered among the houses, searching. And it was a promise that must have been fulfilled. Then We made you prevail against mighty servants once again and helped you with wealth and sons. And made you have more in terms of those useful.
7,8) -If you do good, you do if for yourselves and if you do evil, you do it for yourselves too.- And when the other time for devastation comes, We will send Our mighty servants upon you to do evil to you, enter the masjid/Bayt Al-Maqdis as they did for the first time, demolish and destroy the places they take. It is hoped that your Rabb would have mercy upon you. And if you returned, We returned too. And We made Jahannah [Hell] a prison that encloses for those who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb.
9,10) Indeed, this Qur'an guides the people to that which is the most righteous and the most sound and gives the good tidings that a great reward will be for the believers who do amendatory deeds and that We have prepared a painful punishment for those who do not believe in Akhirat [Afterlife].
11) And man invites evil as he invites good. And man is very hasty.
12) And We made the night and the day two evidences/signs. Then We erased the evidence/sign of the night and brought the evidence/sign of the day so it may improve thinking by shedding a light and being beneficial, which makes you see to seek for the blessings from your Rabb and to be able to count and calculate years. And We have explained everything in detail.
13,14) And We wrapped the recompenses of the deeds of every person around his neck permanently. And We will bring for him the book which he will find open on the day of Qiyamat [Resurrection]: "Read your own book! Your own self is sufficient for you today as an accountant against yourself!".
15) Whoever follows the path that is guided, he will follow the path that is guided for his own good. And whoever goes astray, he will go astray against his own good. And no bearer of burdens bears the burden of another. And We have never been the Ones Who would punish unless We sent a messenger.
16) And when We intend to manipulate/destroy a country, We command wealthy and powerful chiefs of it to be on the righteous path, to lead on the righteous path but, they rather go astray from the righteous path therein. And then the Word[#184] comes into effect upon there and We destroy there with complete destruction.
17) And We manipulated/destroyed many generations after Noah. And sufficient is your Rabb as the One Who is all aware of and the One Who sees best the sins of His servants.
18,19,20) And whoever desires the world that passes quickly, We hasten that which We will to whom We intend. Then We prepare Jahannah [Hell] for them so that they will enter therein condemned and banished. And whoever desires Akhirat [Afterlife] and works for Akhirat [Afterlife] with the effort that is due for Akhirat [Afterlife] while he is a believer, the efforts of those will be recompensed. We give to all of them; those who desire the world and those who desire Akhirat [Afterlife] from the gift of your Rabb. And the gift of your Rabb is not restricted.
21) Look how We have favored some of them over some of others! Surely, Akhirat [Afterlife] is greater in degrees and greater in distinction.
22) Do not take/know another deity with Allah! Or you will be left condemned and forsaken.
23,24) And your Rabb has decreed that you do not worship anyone but Him, and to treat mother and father good and make them better. If one of them or both attain old ages while they are with you, do not say "ah!" to them, do not rebuke them; treat them very sensitive. And speak to both of them noble, sweet and good words. And descend your wings of humbleness for them out of your mercy. And say: "My Rabb! Have mercy upon them as they raised me as a person who is of good manners when I was a little child".
25) Your Rabb knows well what is within yourselves. If you should be righteous, He surely is forgiving to those who turn to Him completely.
26,27) Give their rights to the poor who were driven out from their lands, paupers and the ones who are away from their lands and are not able to turn back. And do not spend wastefully/do not spend for evil. - Indeed those who spend wastefully/spend for evil are brothers of the devils. And Satan is very ungrateful to his Rabb. -
28) And by seeking for a mercy you expect from your Rabb, if you have to stay away from helping relatives, the poor and the ones who are away from their lands and are not able to turn back to their lands, then in this case, speak a gentle word to them.
29) And do not make your hand chained to your neck/do not be stingy, and do not extend it completely/do not splurge. Otherwise, you will be condemned and you will be regretful for what you did.
30) Surely, your Rabb extends and restricts provision for whomever of His servants He wills. Indeed, He is truly aware of His servants, the One Who sees best.
31) And do not kill your children for fear of poverty. It is We Who provide for them and for you/It is We Who nurture them and you. Killing them is truly a great sin.
32) And do not approach unlawful sexual intercourse/keep away from the ways that may lead you to unlawful sexual intercourse. Indeed, it is an immorality and an evil path.
33) And do not kill a person that Allah has made haram/forbidden except by right. And whoever is killed unjustly, We have given an authority to his relatives. Let him not exceed in killing. - Surely, the one who is killed/the relatives who are to defend his rights are supported. -
34) And do not approach the property of an orphan - except in the way that is the best - until he reaches age of ability to distinguish between good and evil. Fulfill you promise you have given/your covenants. Indeed, in promise that is given is a liability.
35) When you measure, measure fully and use a straight weigh. This is better and more proper in consequence/implementation.
36) And do not pursue that about which you have no knowledge at all! Surely, ear, eyes, heart; each of them is liable for this.
37) And do not walk on the earth with arrogance and greatness! Indeed, you can not tear the earth away and you can not reach the mountains in height.
38) All those which are evil are displeasing in the sight of your Rabb.
39) And these principles stated above are some of those laws, rules and principles which your Rabb has revealed to you and that are set forth to prevent wrong deeds and chaos. Do not take another deity[#185] with Allah. Otherwise, you will be left into Jahannah [Hell], condemned and banished.
41) And, We have diversified/explained in many different ways in this Qur'an so they might be reminded. And these explanations have only increased their hatred.
45) When you learn-teach the Qur'an, We put an invisible/concealed curtain between you and those who do not believe in Akhirat [Afterlife].
46) And We have placed coverings over their hearts that prevent them from understanding it, and a heaviness to their ears. And when your mention your Rabb in the Qur'an as "the One and the Only", they turn away 'fleeing in aversion'.
47,48) We know very well why they listen to you when they listen and that those who do wrong; act against their own good by associating others with Allah say in their secret conversations, "You are following none but a man affected by magic".[#186] Look what kind of examples they present for you! Thus they have fallen into astray! Now they are not able to find a way.
42) Say: "If there had been any other deities with Allah as they say, then those deities would have sought a path to the owner of the greatest throne[#187]; Allah.".
40) Has your Rabb given you sons purposely and He has taken females from the angels? You are definitely saying grave words.
43) Allah is purified from what they say with a great sublimity and high above.
44) All the heavens/universe, the earth and all that is between them purify Allah from all deficiencies. There is not anything that does not purify Allah from all deficiencies with His praise. But, you do not understand well their purifying Allah from all deficiencies. Surely, He is the One Who forbears, forgives much.
49) And they said: Will we truly be resurrected with a new formation when we have become a pile of bones and crumbled into dust?"
50,51,52) Say: "Be stone or be iron. Or any other creature that grows within your hearts". Then they will say: "Who will bring us back?". Say: "The One Who created you from nothing first time". Then they will nod their heads to you and say: "When is this?" Say: "It is expected to be very soon! On the day He will call you/you will be resurrected, you will follow His call by praising Him and you will think that you have stayed for a little".
53) Tell my servants to say what is the best. Indeed, satan induces dissension among them. Indeed, satan is an explicit enemy to man.
54) Your Rabb is the One Who knows you better. If He wills, He will show mercy upon you for your repentance or if He wills, He will punish you. And We have not sent you upon them as the one who arranges all creatures pursuant to a schedule and implements this schedule by supporting, maintaining it.
55) And your Rabb is the One Who knows best those who are in the heavens/universe and on the earth. And certainly, We have favored some of the prophets over some others. And We gave David the Psalms.
56) Say: "Call that which you claim as deities from among those that are inferior to Allah. You will see that they are not capable of removing your adversity and changing it.
57) That which you claim as deities are those that invoke by seeking the means to access their Rabb. Which of these are closer, hope for His mercy and fear His punishment? Truly, horrible is the punishment of your Rabb.
58) And there is no city that We will not manipulate/destroy or punish with a severe punishment before the day of Qiyamat [Resurrection]. This is written in the Book.
59) And nothing has prevented Us from sending evidences/signs except that former ones denied them. And We clearly and apparently assigned Thamud the duty of establishing social support institutions[#188] but they treated unjustly because of it. And We send those evidences/signs only as a warning.
60) And We told you: "Surely, your Rabb has encompassed the people". And We made that vision which We showed you clearly and the passion for gold and wealth from which should be kept away as We said in the Qur'an[#189] only a trial for the people. And We threaten them but it increases them only in transgression.
61) And when We said to the forces in the nature;[#190] "Submit to Adam; human who was given knowledge" and all except Iblis; thinking ability[#191] submitted. He said: "Should I submit to one whom You formed as a clay; substance?".
62) Iblis said: "Have You seen that one whom You honored above me? I swear that if You give me respite until the day of Qiyamat [Resurrection], I will have all of his descendants except for a few under my command".
63,64,65) Allah said: "Go! Whoever of them follows you, know that, indeed, your recompense is Jahannah [Hell] as an ample recompense. Incite whoever you are able to among them with your voice. And assault them with your horsemen and infantrymen! Become a partner to them in wealth and in children![#192] And give promises to them". - And satan promises to them nothing but deception. - Indeed, over My servants, there is no authority for you". - Your Rabb is sufficient as the One Who arranges all creatures pursuant to a schedule and implements this schedule by supporting, maintaining it. -
66) Your Rabb is the One Who makes ships sail through the sea for you so you may seek what you deserve of His bounties. Indeed, He is very merciful to you.
67) And when an adversity touches you at sea, those whom you invoke are lost, He, does not. And when He delivers you to the land and saves you, you stay away immediately. And man is very ungrateful!
68) Are you secure that He will not cause the land to swallow you or He will not send a storm upon you? Then you will not find anyone who arranges all creatures pursuant to a schedule and implements this schedule by supporting, maintaining it for yourselves.
69) Or are you secure that that He will not send you back to sea and send storms upon you and drown you in water for you have been ungrateful? Then you will not find a protector that will help you against Us for what We have done to you.
70) And surely, We have made mankind owner of the honor and glory and carried them on vehicles on the land and at the sea and provided for them of clean-pleasant food. And We have favored them quite more than many of what We formed.
71) On that day, We will call all people with their leaders. And on that day, whoever is given his book in his right hand will read his own book and they will not be treated unjustly, not even as the wick of a lamp/the filament of a seed.
72) And whoever is blind in this world, he will be blind in Akhirat [Afterlife] as well. And he is more astray in way.
73) They were about to tempt you away from what We have revealed to you in order to make you say other than it by attributing it to Us thus make you do wrong and burn you in fire. In that case, they would take you as a leader who leaves his mark.
74) And if We had not strengthened you, you would have truly inclined to them a little.
75) In that case, We would have made you taste the double of life and double of death. Then you would not find a helper against Us for yourself.
76,77) And they will soon disturb you to drive you out of this place/your land. In this case, they will remain for a little after you according to Our law/implementation concerning those of Our messengers We sent before you. - You will not see any change in Our implementation. -
78) Establish Salah [establish and maintain the institutions that support financially and spiritually; enlighten the community] from setting/downing of the sun until the darkness of the night and ensure the learning-teaching of the day.[#193] Because learning-teaching of the day is worth seeing.
79) And from the night. Also, additionally only for you, fulfill Salah by waking up at night! It is expected that your Rabb will take you to a good position.
80) And say: "My Rabb! Make me enter with a sound enterance and exit with a sound exit. And give me a helping authority from Yourself".
81) And say: "Truth has come, falsehood has perished. Indeed, falsehood will perish".
82) And We send down of the Qur'an which are healing and mercy for the believers. And this increases the destruction of only those who do wrong; act against their own good by associating others with Allah.
83) And when We bestow favor upon man, he keeps away and distances himself. And when evil touches him, he is in despair.
84) Say: "Everyone acts in accordance with his disposition. In this case, your Rabb is the One Who knows better who is the most righteous in way".
85) And they ask you about the Wahy[#194]. Say: "Wahy [Revelation] is of the affair of my Rabb. And you have been given nothing except a little knowledge".
86) And surely, if We willed, We could remove what We have revealed to you; then you would not find anyone against Us who arranges all creatures pursuant to a schedule and implements this schedule by supporting, maintaining it for yourself.
87) We have not done this as a mercy from your Rabb. Surely, His bounties upon you are great.
88) Say: "Surely, if the people of today and tomorrow gathered together in order to bring the like of this Qur'an, even if they helped each other, they could definitely not bring the like of it".
89) And indeed, We have diversified in this Qur'an for the people from every example. But, most of the people refused except concealing the truth/they persisted in denial.
90,91,92,93) And they said: "We will not believe in you until you cause a spring to gush out from the ground. Or you must have a garden of dates and grapes. You must cause rivers to gush forth in force between them. Or you must make the heavens/universe fall upon us in pieces as you have claimed or you must bring Allah and angels before us. Or you must have a house ornamented with gold or you must ascend into the heavens/universe. But we will never believe in your ascension until you bring down to us a book which we may learn and teach". And say: "Purified is my Rabb from all deficiencies. I am nothing but a human messenger!".
94) And what prevents the people from believing when the guidance/the Qur'an has come to them is only that they say "Has Allah sent a human as a messenger?".
95) Say: "If it had been angels walking on the earth securely, We would certainly have sent down an angel as a messenger from the heavens/universe".
96) Say: "Sufficient is Allah as a witness between you and me. Surely, He is the One Who knows inner, hidden sides of everything well, sees best to His servants.
97,98) And whomever Allah guides, he is the one who follows the righteous path. And whomever Allah leads astray, you will not find a familiar who is helper, protector, guide for him from among those that are inferior to Allah. And We will gather them on the day of Qiyamat [Resurrection] on their faces as they are blind, dumb and deaf. Jahannah [Hell] is their final destination. Every time Jahannah [Hell] subsides, We will increase the fire to them. This is their recompense because they concealed Our Ayat/evidences/signs and said: "Will we be resurrected with a new formation when we have become pile of bones and crumbled dust?".
99) Did they not see that Allah, the One Who formed the heavens/universe and the earth, is capable of forming humans like them and He has predetermined for them an end of the term about which there is no doubt? But those who do wrong; act against their own good by associating others with Allah, refused except concealing the truth/always tried to conceal the truth.
100) Say: "If you possessed the treasures of mercy of my Rabb, you would definitely withhold it out of the fear of being spent and depleted; you would not give anything to anyone. And, man is very stingy".
101) And surely, We gave Moses nine explicit; many Ayat [evidence/sign][#195] - ask Israelites - .When Moses came to them and Pharaoh said to him: "O Moses! I certainly know that you are affected by magic".
102) Moses said: "You have definitely known that only Rabb of all universes and the earth has sent down the Ayat as evidence. And I certainly believe that you are destroyed".
103) Upon this, Pharaoh intended to drive Moses and Israelites away from Egypt and We drowned him and all those with him in the water.
104) And then We said to Israelites: "Dwell on this land! And when the promise concerning Akhirat [Afterlife] comes, We will bring you forth and gather".
105) And only with the truth We have sent down the Qur'an and it has descended only with the truth. And We have made you a messenger only as a bringer of good tidings and a warner.
106) And We have divided the Qur'an into divisions so you may learn and teach to the people in accordance with the expectations and We have sent it down progressively!
107,108) Say: "Whether you believe in the Qur'an or you do not; those who were given knowledge before; when the Qur'an is recited, they fall in prostration, submitting. And they say: "Purified is our Rabb from all deficiencies. And the promise of our Rabb will certainly be fulfilled".
109) And they fall upon their chins, crying. And the Qur'an increases their respect and humility.
110) Say: "Call Him Allah or call Him Rahman [the One Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created]. With whatever thing you call Him, the best names belong only to Him. Do not fulfill your Salah [supporting financially and spiritually; striving to enlighten the community] openly nor secretly; whispering. And seek a way between them".
111) And say: "All praise is to Allah Who has not taken any child, Who has no partners in possession and in dominion, Who does not need a helper out of weakness; no one else may be praised". And glorify Allah with glorification!