The Kneeling

1) Ha/8, Mim/40.[#274]
2) Revelation of this Book is from Allah Who is the most exalted, the most powerful, the most honorable, the invincible/the subduer, the best law maker, the One Who precludes corruption best/makes incorruptible.
3,4,5) Surely, there are evidences/signs in the heavens/universe and on the earth for the believers. And there are evidences/signs for a people who believe with certain knowledge in the formation of yourselves and in what He disperses of all creatures, small and large. And there are evidences/signs for a people who reason in the alternation of the night and the day one after another and in that which Allah sent down from the sky of provision with which He gives life the earth after its lifelessness and in His directing of the winds.
6) These are the Ayat of Allah which we recite to you in truth. We recite them to you in truth. Then, in what word/fact will they believe after Allah and His Ayat?
7) O woe to all those liars, those who waste their time/who delay the good/who are reluctant for the good/who harm!
8) He hears the Ayat of Allah that is recited to him, then persists in what he does out of his arrogance as if he had not heard them. Then, give him the good tidings of a painful punishment!
9,10) And when he learns something from Our Ayat, he ridicules it. For them will be a humiliating punishment; and then Jahannah [Hell]. That which they earned and the familiars who protect, guide which they have taken from among those that are inferior to Allah will not avail them at all. And a great punishment will be for them.
11) These warnings are a guidance. As for those who consciously deny the Ayat of their Rabb, there will be a painful punishment of the filthiest kind for them.
12,13) Allah is the One Who gave the sea to your service/created it in such structure and characteristics so you may benefit, so that ships may sail on it and you may seek provision from His bounties and repay for the blessings you are given. And He gave to your service all that is in the heavens/universe and on the earth, from Himself. Indeed, there are evidences/signs in this for a people who reason.
14,15) Say to those who have believed: "Let them forgive those who do not expect the days when Allah will seriously punish; those who do not believe in Akhirat [Afterlife] so Allah may recompense every people with what they earned, and let them not recompense them by themselves, let them leave it to Allah. Whoever does righteous deed, it is for himself. And whoever does evil deed, it is against himself. Then you will be returned to your Rabb".
16) And indeed, We gave Israelites the book, judgment; law and prophethood. And We provided them with what is pure, pleasant. And We favored them above the people of the time.
17) And We gave them explicit proofs of own affairs of Allah Himself. Then they differed only out of the envy between themselves after the knowledge had come to them. Surely, on the day of Qiyamat [Resurrection], your Rabb will judge between them for that over which they differed.
18) Then We have made you possess an explicit roadmap/a compilation of principles of life from own affairs of Allah Himself. Then you, follow it, do not follow vain, transitory desires of those who do not know.
19) Surely, they will not avail you against Allah at all. And indeed, some of those who do wrong; act against their own good by associating others with Allah are familiars who help, guide, protect of some others. However, Allah is the familiar Who helps, guides, protects of the people who have entered under the guardianship of Himself.
20) The Qur'an is enlightment for mankind and a guide and mercy for a people who believe in certainty.
21) Or do those who commit evils think that We will make them, in their life and in their death, like those who have believe and do amendatory deeds? How evil they judge!
22) And Allah formed the heavens/universe and the earth in truth and to recompense everyone with what he has earned. And they will not be treated unjustly.
23) Have you ever thought/seen the one who has taken his own vain, transitory desire as his deity and whom Allah led astray upon a knowledge, sealed his ear and heart and set a curtain upon his eye? Who will guide him to the righteous path after Allah? Will you still not remember and reason?
24) And they said: "There is not but our this worldly life. We live and we die. Only long time manipulates/destroys us". Yet they have no knowledge of this. They only assume.
25) And when they were recited Our Ayat explicitly, they did not have any proof but saying: "If you are truthful, bring our ancestors".
26,27) Say: "Allah gives you life. And it is He Who takes your life, and He will gather you on the day of Qiyamat [Resurrection] of which there is no doubt. But most of the people do not know. And the dominion of the heavens/universe and the earth belongs only to Allah. On the day when the moment of Qiyamat [Resurrection] will come; on that day, those who have gone astray into falsehood will lose".
28,29) And you will see every community with a leader kneeling. Every community with a leader will be called to their own book: "Today you will be recompensed for the deeds you did. This is your book that speaks the truth to your face. Surely, We have been having what you did recorded".
30) As for those who believe and do amendatory deeds, their Rabb will admit them into His mercy. This is what is an explicit salvation.
31,32) And as for those infidels; those who consciously denied the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb, when it was said, "Were My Ayat not recited to you so you acted arrogantly and became a people who commit sin?" And 'promise of Allah is definitely the truth; and as for the moment of Qiyamat [Resurrection], there is no doubt about it', you said: 'We do not know what is the moment of Qiyamat [Resurrection]; we are only assuming, we have not obtained a certain knowledge.'
33) And the evil of what they did will appear to them and that which they ridiculed will surround them.
34,35) And it will be said: "Today We forget/abandon/recompense you as you forgot that you would meet this day of yours. And your abode is the fire. There will be no one from the helpers for you. These are because you ridiculed the Ayat of Allah and simple worldly life deluded you". So this day, they will not be taken out from the fire and their excuses will not be accepted/they will not be asked to please Allah.
36) Then, all praise is to Allah, Rabb of the heavens/universe, Rabb of the earth and Rabb of all universes; no one else may be praised.
37) And only to Him belong the grandeur and dominion in the heavens/universe and on the earth. And He is the One Who is the most exalted, the most powerful, the most honorable, the invincible/the subduer, the best law maker, the One Who precludes corruption best/makes incorruptible.