The Rangers

1,2,3,4,5) Those Ayat of the Qur'an which are set/set in ranks then shout and drag and then recite reminders after having shouted and dragged are evidences that your God is absolutely the One and the Only. He is Rabb of all that is in the heavens/universe and on the earth and all that is between. He is Rabb of the easts as well.
6,7,8,9,10) Indeed, We have adorned the lowest heaven with the beauty which the stars form. We protected it from all thinking abilities except for those which benefit from the Qur'an even just a bit, -except for those who fly to the space by a rocket- which are in constant effort, cursed by all and do not heed the Qur'an; those are useless and can not be active in the space.[#234]
11) Now ask them: "Are they stronger in formation or those whom We have formed?". Indeed, We formed them from a sticky clay.
12,13,14) In fact you marvel, yet they mock. When they are reminded, they do not accept it. And when they see an Ayah, they ridicule.
15,16,17) And they say: "This is nothing but explicit magic. Will we really be resurrected when we have died and become dust, bones? And our ancestors before us as well?".
18) Say: "Yes, you will be resurrected as very humiliated..."
19,20) Now it will be a single compelling shout. And you will see that they stand there. And they will say: "O woe to us! This is the Day of Religion!".
21) -"That is the Day of Distinction which you have been denying!"-
22,23,24,25) Gather those who did wrong; acted against their own good by associating others with Allah and their spouses and those whom they worshipped from among those that are inferior to Allah. Then guide them to the path of Jahannah [Hell]. And stop them, they will definitely be questioned: "What has happened to you so you do not help each other?".
26) Quite contrary, today they are the ones who want to be in salamat [peace, safety, happiness].
27) And some of them will turn others/face to face, asking/blaming each other.
28) They will say: "Surely, you have been coming to us from the right hand/the righteous path/a good position/authority and power".
29,30,31,32) And others will say: "Quite contrary, you were not believers. And we had no power against you. Quite contrary, you were a transgressing people. Therefore, the Word[#235] of our Rabb has been justified upon us. Surely, we are those who taste. Then we provoked you. Because we were the provokers".
33) Then, indeed they will be sharing in the punishment on that day.
34) Surely, this is how We do to the sinners.
35,36) Surely, they act arrogantly when it is said to them: "There is no deity except Allah" and say each other: "Surely, shall we abandon our idols for a man who is supported by secret forces/is a mad poet?".
37) Quite contrary, he has come with the truth and confirmed all prophets.
38,39) Surely, you will taste the painful punishment and be recompensed only for the deeds you did.
40) Except for the purified servants of Allah.
41,42,43,44,45,46,47,48,49) Purified servants of Allah are the ones for whom will be certain provisions/fruits. They are the ones who will be served in Jannah [Heaven/Paradise] of abundant blessings while sitting upon thrones facing each other. There will be circulated among them a white cup that contains nothing harm filled from springs which is pleasing in its taste and does not intoxicate. Beside them will be those with large eyes staring at them. They will be like protected eggs.
50) Then some will turn some other and will ask each other.
51,52,53) A speaker among them will say: "Surely, I had a contemporary/close companion who used to say, 'Are you surely one of those who confirm? Will we really be recompensed when we have died and become dust, bones?'".
54) He will say: "Are you someone who recognizes, knows him?".
55) Then he will recognize him and he will see him in the middle of Jahannah [Hell].
56,57,58,59) He will say: "I swear by Allah that you have almost manipulated/destroyed me. If not for the favor of my Rabb, I would certainly have been one of those who have been gathered. Behold, how is it! Are we not die again except for our first death; are we not to be resurrected again? Will we not be punished?".
60) Surely, this is what is the great salvation.
61) Now, those who work, let them work only for the like of the great salvation.
62) Is this better as a treat or tree of zaqqum?
63,64,65) Surely, We have made it a testing tool for those who do wrong; act against their own good by associating others with Allah. Indeed, that tree of zaqqum will grow at the bottom of Jahannah [Hell]. Its sprouts will be like the heads of horned serpents.
66,67,68) And indeed they will eat from it and they will fill their bellies with it. Then indeed, a mixture of scalding water after that will be for them. And surely their return will be certainly Jahannah [Hell].
69) Surely, they found their ancestors as the ones who have gone astray.
70) Now they rush on their footsteps.
71) And surely many before them had gone astray.
72) Surely, We sent warners to them as well.
73,74) Behold! How was the end of those people who were warned other than the purified servants of Allah!
75,76,77) And indeed, Noah called us and supplicated. -And how excellent responders We are!- And We saved him and his family, those who were close to him, those who believed from that great affliction. And We made his descendants those who remained.
78) And We left a word about him [to mention him with good, to follow him] that will remain among the later generations.
79) -Salam [health, peace, happiness] be upon Noah among the mankind!-
80) Surely, thus We recompense those who do good deeds.
81) Surely, Noah was one of the believing servants of Ours.
82) Then We drowned others in the water.
83) No doubt that Abraham was among the kind of Noah.
84) When he came to his Rabb with a sound heart.
85,86,87) When he said to his father and his people: "What do you worship? Do you desire invented idols from among those that are inferior to Allah? Then, what is your thought about Rabb of all universes?".[#236]
88,89) Then, Abraham cast a gaze at the stars! Then he said: "Surely I suffer/suffer from thinking pain".
90) Then his father and his people turned away from Abraham, turning their backs/severed their relationship with him.
91,92,93) Then he approached their idols and said: "Do you not eat/benefit from the blessings? What is the matter with you so you do not speak?". Then he came close with a stroke with his right hand/due to his oath.
94) After a while, people of Abraham came running and confronted Abraham.
95,96) Abraham said: "Do you worship that which you carve with your hands? Yet, it is Allah Who formed you and that which you do".
97) They said: "Build a wall for him/impose an embargo upon him and throw him into the blazing fire/an extreme distress!".
98) They intended to plot for Abraham but We made them the debased.
99,100) And Abraham said: "Surely, I will go to my Rabb; He will guide me: My Rabb! Grant me from among the righteous!".
101) Then, We gave Abraham the good tidings of a tenderhearted young boy.
102) And when that boy with whom he was harbingered reached the age to run/work with him, then Abraham said to him: "O my son! Surely I see myself ruining you and making you suffer in this sleepy; serene, unconcerned, apathetic place. Tell me what you think!". His son said to him: "O my father! Do that which you will be commanded! If Allah wills, you will find me steadfast against all troubles and calamities I may suffer while you are away".
103,104,105) And when they both Islamized and Abraham laid him upon his forehead [left him alone, aggrieved], We said to him: "O Abraham! You truly have fulfilled that vision"...[#237] -Indeed, thus We recompense/reward just like him those who produce good.-
106) Indeed, leaving the son alone was definitely an explicit trial by wearing.
107) And We rewarded/ransomed Abraham for that great thing he would ruin, make suffer.
108) And We left a word about him [to mention him with good, to follow him] that will remain among the later generations.
109) Salam [health, peace, happiness...] be upon Abraham!
110) Thus We reward like him those who produce good.
111) Surely, he was of the believing servants of Ours.
112) And We gave him the good tidings of Isaac as a prophet from among the righteous.
113) We gave Abraham and Isaac blessings. Among the descendants of both of them are those who produce good and also those who clearly treat unjustly against their own selves.
114,115) And indeed, We gave Moses and Aaron blessings as well. And We saved both of them and their people from that great affliction.
116) And We helped them so they became the ones who prevailed.
117) And We gave them the Book that guided them explicitly.
118) And We guided them to the straight path.
119) And We left for them among the later generations.
120) Salam [health, peace, happiness...] be upon Moses and Aaron!
121) Indeed, thus We reward those who produce good.
122) Surely, these two were among the believing servants of Ours.
123) Surely, Elijah was from among the messengers that were sent.
124,125,126,127) When he said to his people: "Will you not enter under the guardianship of Allah? Do you call upon Ba'al while you leave Rabb of yours and your ancestors before you, Allah Who is the best of those who form?" and they denied him. They will surely be gathered because of this.
128) Except the purified servants of Allah.
129) And We left a word about him [to mention him with good, to follow him] that will remain among the later generations.
130) Salam [health, peace, happiness...] be upon all those who are like Elijah!-
131) Indeed, thus We reward those who produce good.
132) Surely, he was of the believing servants of Ours.
133) Surely, Lot was among the messengers that were sent as well.
134,135,136) When We saved him and all his family, except for unfortunate woman who remained within those remained behind and are destroyed. Then We manipulated/destroyed the others.
137,138) And surely, you pass by them in the morning and at night. Do you still not reason?
139) Surely, Jonas was among the messengers that were sent.
140) When he ran away to a laden ship like a fugitive slave.
141) Then he drew lots with arrows and became of those whose evidence was called off/whose argument was disproved.
142) Then the "greed/distress" swallowed him. Then he became regretful.
143,144) And if he had not been among those who purified Allah from all deficiencies, he would have been in distress until the day that they will be resurrected.
145,146,147) Then We threw him onto the shore while he was suffering thinking pain, We saved him from distress: We had placed into his mind some problems which were simple, temporary and that would be solved in a short time. And We sent him as a messenger first to hundred thousand and then more people.
148) Then eventually they believed and We let them enjoy for a time.
149) Now ask them: "Do daughters belong to Allah and sons belong to them?"
150) Or did We form angels as females and they are witnesses?
151,152) Open your eyes! They say: "Surely, Allah has begotten" because of the slanders they have invented. And surely, they are definitely liars.
153) Has Allah preferred daughters over sons?
154) What is the matter with you? How do you judge?
155) Do you still not think?
156) Or do you have a clear authority/an evidence?
157) Then, bring forward your book if you are truthful ones.
158) And they claimed a relation between Allah and secret forces. But, the secret forces definitely know that they are those who will be brought/will be gathered at the great crowd.
159) Purified is Allah from that which they describe.
160) -Only the purified servants of Allah do not describe Allah in such a way with association.-
161,162,163) Now, you and that which you worship can not throw anyone other than those who haste for Jahannah [Hell] by themselves in the fire against Allah; you can not make them associate others with Allah.
164,165,166) And "Each of us definitely has a certain position. And we are the ones who are lined up/line up. We are the ones who purify Allah from all deficiencies".[#238]
167,168,169) And indeed they said: "Surely, if we had had a reminder/a book from the ancients, we would surely have been the purified servants of Allah as well".
170) And now they concealed the reminder/the book. But soon they will know.
171,172,173) And indeed, Our words have preceded about Our servants/messengers that we sent: "Surely, they are those who prevail. Indeed, Our armies are those who overcome".
174,175) Now, turn away from them for a time. And observe them. Soon they will see too.
176,177) And do they wish that Our punishment would come quickly? But when Our punishment sets upon their land, how evil will be the morning of those who have been warned!
178,179) Yet, turn away from them for a while and observe them! Soon they will see as well.
180) Purified is your Rabb, who is Rabb of authority, strength, invincibility, glory and honor from that which they describe.
181) And salam [health, peace, happiness...] be upon those messengers!
182) And all praise is to Allah, Rabb of all universes; no one else may be praised.