Those Who Pull Out

1,2,3,4,5) Gravitational force in the universe, repulsive force in the universe, stars; galaxies; the sun, the moon and their floating around themselves and in the orbits around the star that they belong to, and thus the formation of the night, the day, and other conditions for life, tide, the night-the day, the seasons, arranging the conditions of life for all kinds of living creatures and plants are the evidences, the Ayat of the Qur'an which; impose a constant distress, depression and remorse for those who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb, are easy and facilitate for the believers, give good tidings to them, make them happy, are conveyed from hand to hand, through words and hearts, always prevail, make them pay attention and arrange all personal and social matters, have orders and prohibitions for every matter; set forth principles;[#319] are evidences that,
26) indeed, there is a lesson for those who will fear in awe with respect, love, knowledge in that "the infidel; the one who consciously denies the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb will say, 'I wish I were a dust'" on the day when one who will observe what his two strengths/wealth and acquaintances will present/will face what he did.[#320]
10,11) They say: "Will we be returned to our former state?. After we have become decayed bones?".
12) They said: "Then, this is a losing return".
27,28,29,30,31,32,33) Are you more difficult in formation or the heavens/universe? It is Allah Who constructed the heavens/universe; then He raised its ceiling, then He organized it, made its night dark and brought out its light. And then He spread the earth as an enjoyment for you and your livestock/He brought forth from the earth its water and its pasture, and He set the mountains firmly.
6) On that day, that which shakes will shake.
7) A second tremor will follow it.
8) On that day, hearts will beat trembling.
9) Their eyes will be humbled.
13) It indeed will be one shout.
14) And then you will see that they are on the area.
34) And when the greatest calamity comes,
35) That day, man will understand very well what he did.
36) Jahannah [Hell] will be explicitly shown for those who see.
37,38,39) And as for every person who is transgressor and who preferred life of the world, indeed Jahannah [Hell] is where the final destination will be.
40,41) And as for the one who fears the position of his Rabb and prevents himself from vain, transitory desire; indeed Jannah [Heaven/Paradise] is what the refuge will be.
42) They ask you about the hour of Qiyamat [Resurrection]; when will it occur?
43) What knowledge is with you to tell them about it?
44) Its finality belongs only to your Rabb.
45) You are only a warner for those who fear the hour of Qiyamat [Resurrection] in awe with respect, love, knowledge.
46) On the day when they will see it, they will be like as though they have remained in the world for an evening or a late morning.
15) Has the news of Moses come to you?
16,17) When his Rabb called him in the sacred valley of Tuwa/the twice cleaned valley: "Go to Pharaoh! He has indeed transgressed".
18,19) Then say: "Would you purify yourself? And let me guide you to your Rabb so you may fear Him in awe with respect, love, knowledge!".
20) Then, Moses showed Pharaoh that greatest evidence/sign.
21,22,23,24) Then, Pharaoh denied and disobeyed. Then he turned back immediately. Then he gathered and called out: "I am your most exalted Rabb!".
25) And Allah seized with the punishment of the earth and Akhirat [Afterlife].