1,22) Qaf/100.[#73] The honorable/glorious Qur'an is the evidence that indeed, you were in apathy and ignorance of this. Now, We have removed your cover from you. Then your sight is sharp on this day; thanks to the Qur'an, you have become educated.[#74]
2,3) But they wonder that a warner has come to them from among themselves; and the infidels; those who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb said: "This is an amazing thing! When we have died and have become dust? This is a distant return."
4) Indeed, We know what the earth diminishes of them. And with Us is a book that records and guards very well.
5) Rather, they denied the truth when it came to them, that is why, they are in a confused condition.
6,7,8,9,10,11) So, have they not looked at the heavens/universe above them that how We structured and adorned it without any rifts! And We spread the earth out and cast firmly set mountains thereon to open the eyes of the hearts of all those who turn towards Allah and as a reminder. We made grow therein plants of every pair which are pleasant to look at and fascinating, We sent down a blessed water from the sky. We made grow with it gardens and grains to harvest, large and tall date trees whose sprouts are one upon other, as provision for the servants. And We gave life to a dead land with it. Thus is the resurrection.
12,13,14) Before them, people of Noah, Companions of Rass and Thamud denied. Ad, Pharaoh and brothers of Lot, Companions of the Thicket[#75] and people of Tubba. All of them denied the prophets and thus, My punishment was fulfilled.
15) So, did We fail in the first formation? No, but they are in doubt about a new formation.
16,17,18) And indeed, it is We Who formed man. And We know what his self whispers to him. And We are closer to him than his jugular vein. While two recorders, based on his left and on his right (all around him) record all his deeds, man does not utter any word except that there is an observer with him.
19) Indeed, the stupor of the death comes in truth: -"O man! This is that which you were avoiding."-
20,21) And the Sur will be blown.[#76] -"This is the day with which it was frightened."- And everyone will come forth, along with a driver and a witness.
23) And his companion who is his contemporary/Iblis will say: "Here, the one who is with me is ready."
24,25,26) -"Here, Iblis and the witness; you two; throw all those who are obstinate, infidel; who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb, who prevent the good as much as they can, who treat to themselves unjustly and who are in doubt into Jahannah[Hell]! He took another deity with Allah. Here, you two, together, throw him into severe punishment!"-
27) His companion who is his contemporary/Iblis will say: "Our Rabb! I did not make him transgress. But he was in a distant astray himself."
28,29) And Allah will say: "Do not dispute before me! I had sent you warning before. The Word[#77] is not changed before me. And I am never the One Who does wrong to the servants; deprives them of their good deeds, treats them unjustly."
30) We will say to Jahannah [Hell] on that day: "Have you been filled?" And it will say, "Is there any more?".
31) And Jannah [Heaven/Paradise] will be brought close to those who have entered under the guardianship of Allah, will not be far.
32,33,34,35) This is what was promised for every one who turns much, who protects himself/the relation with Allah much, who fears Rahman; Allah, the One Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created in awe with respect, love and knowledge even in such places where he is not seen, not heard; not felt and who is devoted to Him. -"Enter therein with Salam [health, peace, happiness...]. This is the day of eternity."- There is for them whatever they wish. And with Us is more.
36) Before them, We manipulated, destroyed many generations who were greater than them in power. So that they explored throughout the lands. Is there any place to escape?
37) There is definitely a reminder in this for whoever has a reason, understanding, conscience or whoever heeds as a witness.
38) And indeed We formed the heavens/universe, the earth and all that is in between them in six phases. And no weariness touched Us.
39,40) Therefore, be patient against what they say. And before the sun rises and sets and in a part of the night; at every turn, purify your Rabb with the praise of your Rabb. And purify Him after submissions/convincements; after making deniers believe.
41,42) And heed to the day when a caller will call from a place which is close; that day, they will hear that scream in truth. This is the day of emergence, the day of resurrection.
43) Truly, We, yes indeed it is We Who give life and take life. And the return is only to Us.
44) On that day, the earth breaks apart from them rapidly. This is a gathering which is easy only for Us.
45) We know better what they say. And you are not, over them, the one who forces them. So, remind those who fear My threat with the Qur'an.