The Emissaries

1,2,3,4,5,6,7) The Ayat of the Qur'an that were sent group by group/division by division and overthrow all what opposes it, revive the peoples, separate the truth and the falsehood as they revive, which reminds as an excuse or a warning, is the evidence that, indeed, with what you are threatened, frightened will definitely occur.[#72]
8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15) And when the stars are obliterated/terminated/taken away, and when the firmament is torn asunder, and when the mountains are scattered, and when the messengers, who are to witness, are assigned the time for witnessing on the "day of Distinction", for which they have been kept hold, -"What has made you know what the day of distinction is?"- O woe, on that day, to the deniers!
16) Did We not manipulate/destroy the former ones?
17,18,19) Then We will lead the later ones to follow them. This is how We do to the criminals. O woe, on that day, to the deniers!
20) Did We not form you from a water/liquid disdained?
21,22,23,24) Then We kept it within a place which is safe for a measurement/until a time predetermined. For We had the power to do so. How excellent We are in being able to! Woe, on that day, to the deniers!
25,26) Did We not make the earth a place for the living and the dead to gather/to be held within?
27,28) We formed therein solid, high mountains and made you drink sweet water. Woe, on that day, to the deniers!
29,30,31) Proceed to that which you deny! Proceed to a shadow which is owner of three arms that neither shadows nor protects from the fire!
32,33,34) Indeed, it throws/rains sparks like the palace; as though sparks were yellow male camels. Woe, on that day, to the deniers!
35,36,37) That will be the day on which they will not be able to speak. And they will not permitted to make an excuse. Woe, on that day, to the deniers!
38,39,40) That will be the Day of Distinction, on which We will gather you and the former ones. Now, if you have a mischievous plan, implement that mischievous plan against Me! Woe, on that day, to the deniers!
41,42,43,44,45) Indeed, as for those who have entered under the guardianship of Allah will be among shadows, springs and fruits which they desire. -"Eat and drink; enjoy for what you have done!"- Thus We recompense those who do good. Woe, on that day, to the deniers!
46,47,48,49) Eat, enjoy for a while, indeed you are criminals. Woe, on that day, to the deniers! And when it is said to them: "Refrain from associating others with Allah", they do not refrain. On that day, woe to the deniers!
50) And what statement will they believe after the Qur'an?