The Believers

1) Indeed, the believers have maintained their status/succeeded.
2) They are the ones who are sincere in their Salah [supporting financially and spiritually; striving to enlighten the community].
3) And they are the ones who keep away from that which is vain.
4) And they are the ones who fulfill/give zaqah; the tax that the believers sincerely give as a liability of belief and duty of servitude so that the religion of Allah may be spread, maintained and Salah may be established.
5,6,7) And they are the ones who guard their chastity, -except for those their spouses or whom their covenants possess[#302], for they will not be blamed because of this; those who wish to go beyond, it is those who are the transgressors.-
8) And they are the ones who are faithful to their trusts and covenants.
9) And they are the ones who maintain their Salah [supporting financially and spiritually; the institutions that enlighten the community].
10,11) And they are the ones who are the inheritors that will inherit gardens of Firdevs in which they will abide eternally.
12,13,14,15,16) And indeed, We formed human from a chosen clay/elements. Then We made him a drop of semen in a very firm lodging. Then We formed an embryo from that drop of semen. Then We formed a piece of flesh from that embryo. Then We formed bones from that piece of flesh. And at the end, We clothed those bones with flesh. Then We assembled him in another formation. How generous is Allah Who is the best of those who form! Then indeed, you will die after these. Then you will definitely be resurrected on the day of Qiyamat [Resurrection].
17) And surely, We have formed paths above you. And We are not unaware, careless, apathetic of formation.
18) And We have sent down a measure of water from the sky and settled it on the earth. And surely, We are the Ones Who are able to take it away.
19) Then, We brought forth gardens of date and grapevines with it. There are many fruits in these for you and you eat from them.
20) And We brought forth a tree issuing from Mount Tur Sinai which produces oil and which is a food for those who eat.
21,22) And there indeed is an evidence for you in four-legged, split-hooved ruminant and herbivore animals. We make you drink that which is from their bellies. And there are some more benefits in them for you. And you eat from them and you are carried on them and on ships.
23) And indeed, We sent Noah to his people as a messenger and he said to them: "O my people! Worship Allah. There is no deity except Him for you. Will you still not enter under the guardianship of Allah?".
24,25) Thereafter, the chiefs among his people who were infidels; those who consciously denied the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb said: "This is nothing but a human like you. He wishes to take precedence over you. Had Allah willed, He would surely have sent down the angels. We have not heard this among our ancestors. This is only a man possessed with madness. Then, wait for him in hope for a time".
26) Noah said: "My Rabb! Help me because they have denied me!".
27,28,29) Then We revealed to him: "Construct the ship under Our observation and with Our revelation. And when Our command comes and the conditions mature, put into the ships two from every kind as pairs and your family, relatives and believers except those for whom the Word[#303] has been decreed. Do not address me about those who did wrong; acted against their own good by associating others with Me. They have surely drowned in the water; they will die, drowning in the water. Then when you and those with you have boarded the ship, say: 'All praise is to Allah Who has saved us from the people who do wrong; act against their own good by associating others with Him; do not praise anyone else!'. And say: 'My Rabb! Let me land to a place with blessings in abundance/bestow upon me abundant blessings. You are the best of those who land/bestow'".
30) Surely, there are some evidences/signs in this. And We surely are those who test.
31) Then We made another generation after them.
32) Then We sent them a messenger among them from themselves who warned them, saying "Worship Allah, there is no deity except Him for you. Will you still not enter under the guardianship of Allah?".
33,34,35,36,37,38) And those leaders from among the people of the messenger, who disbelieved; consciously denied the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb and denied the meeting of Akhirat [Afterlife] and to whom We had given luxury in this simple worldly life said: "This is only a human like you; he eats from that which you eat, he drinks from that which you drink. And if you obey a human like yourselves, then surely, you are the ones who lose. Does he promise you that you will definitely be brought forth when you have died and become dust and bones? That which you are threatened with is impossible! Only our simple worldly life! We die, live. And we are not the ones who will be resurrected. The messenger is only a man who invents lies about Allah and we do not believe in him".
39) The messenger said: "My Rabb! Help me because they have denied me!".
40) Allah said: "After a little time, they will certainly become regretful!".
41) Then the scream seized them in truth. Thus, We made them stubble. Then, being away is for the people who did wrong; acted against their own good by associating others with Allah.
42) Then, We made other generations after them.
43) No community with a leader will advance its time nor will they postpone.
44) Then, We sent Our messengers in succession. Whenever there came to a people their messenger, they denied that messenger so We made some of them follow some others and We made them parables. -Away with the people who do not believe!-
45,46) And then We sent Moses and his brother Aaron/made them messengers to Pharaoh and his chiefs with Our Ayat/evidences/signs and an explicit authority. Thereafter, they were arrogant and became a people who acted haughtily.
47) Then they said: "Will we believe in these two humans who are like ourselves while their people are in servitude to us?".
48) Thus they denied both of them and became of those who were manipulated/destroyed.
49) And surely, We gave Moses the book so they might follow the righteous path they were guided.
50) And We made son of Mary and mother of Jesus an evidence/a sign and settled them both on a hill that had water and was suitable for living.
51) O messengers! Eat from that which is clean, pleasant and beneficial and do righteous deeds. Indeed, I am the One Who knows very well what you do.
52) And this is your community as the one united community. And I am your Rabb. So, enter under the guardianship of Mine.
53) Then people divided their affairs among themselves. And every group rejoices and brags about what it has.
54) Now, leave them alone with their astray until a time!
55,56) Do they think that We bestow upon them of the wealth and sons so We may hasten them in good deeds? Rather, they are not able to perceive.
57,58,59,60,61) Surely, those who shake, fearing to be away from their Rabb for the deep admiration and respect to Him, those who believe in the Ayat of their Rabb, those who do not associate others with their Rabb, those who give what they give while their hearts are in awe for they will return to their Rabb; they are the ones who hasten in good deeds and who go ahead for good deeds.
62) And We do not burden any one other than what he is able to; other than what is within his capacity. And with Us is a book that speaks the truth and they will not be treated unjustly.
63) Quite contrary, their hearts are covered over this matter. And they have some evil deeds lesser than this, they continuously do evil deeds.
64) And when We seize those among them who are in luxury with a punishment, they immediately start to cry out.
65,66,67) Do not cry out today! Surely, you will not get help from Us. Indeed, Our Ayat had been recited to you but you turned back and went, acting arrogantly and speaking evil at night concerning this.
68) Have they not thought about the Qur'an at all? Or has there come to them that which did not come to their ancestors before?
69) Or did they not know their messenger so they are the ones who attempt to prevent the messenger from being known?
70) Or, do they say: "There is a madness in him"? Rather, their messenger has brought them the truth. And most of them are those who do not like the truth.
71) And if the truth had followed their desires; the heavens/universe, the earth and those who are in them would have been ruined. Actually, We have brought their glory/reminder; then they are the ones who keep away from their own glory/reminder.
72) Or do you ask them for a tribute? Tribute of your Rabb is better. And your Rabb is the best of providers.
73,74) And surely, you invite them to a straight path. And those who do not believe in Akhirat [Afterlife] are definitely the ones who have gone astray from this path.
75) If We had pitied them and removed what was upon them of affliction, they would have definitely persisted in their transgression, going more blind.
76) And surely, We seized them with punishment; yet they did not submit to their Rabb despite this and they never showed that they were humble towards Allah.
77) Until We have opened upon them a door of severe punishment, then you will see that they will be in despair therein!
78) And Allah is the One Who built the hearing, the sight and your hearts for you. O how less you repay for the blessings you are given!
79) And Allah is the One Who produced and multiplied you on the earth. And only to Him you will be gathered.
80) And it is Allah Who gives life and takes life. And only for Him is the alternation of the night and the day. Will you still not use your reason?
81) Rather, they said like what former peoples had said.
82,83) They said: "Will we indeed be resurrected when we have died and become a dust and bones? Surely, we and our ancestors were threatened with this before. This is nothing but the legends of the former ones!".
84) Say: "If you should know; to whom does this world and those on it belong?".
85) They will say: "To Allah". Then say: "Do you not contemplate?".
86) Say: "Who is Rabb of the heavens/universe and who is Rabb of the great throne[#304]?".
87) They will say: "It belongs to Allah/It is Allah". Then say: "So, will you not enter under the guardianship of Allah?".
88) Say: "If you should know; who is the One Who possesses the dominion over all things and Who governs all and Who protects all; but Who is not protected?".
89) They will say: "It belongs to Allah/It is Allah". Then you, say: "Then how are you deluded?".
90) Rather, We have brought them the truth, yet they are certainly the liars.
91,92) Allah has not taken any child; and there is no deity with Him. Otherwise, every deity would have taken that which it had formed and would definitely overcome others. Purified is Allah Who knows the unseen, the unheard, the unfelt and the obvious, from that which they describe. And He is high above that which they associate with Him.
93,94) Say: "My Rabb! If you should certainly show me that which they are threatened with, my Rabb! Then do not keep me among the people of those who do wrong; act against their own good by associating others with You".
95) And, We surely are the Ones Who are able to show you that which We promised them.
96) Repel evil by that which is best. We know very well that which they ascribe.
97,98) And say: "My Rabb! I seek refuge in You from the incitements of the devils! And my Rabb! I seek refuge in You from that they would be present with me as well.".
99,100) And when death comes to one of them, he said: "My Rabb! Send me back so I may do righteous deeds in that which I have left". Certainly not as he thinks! This surely is a word he is saying. There will be a barrier behind them until the day when they will be resurrected.
101) And when the Sur is blown[#305], there will not be a relationship among them on that day, and no one will ask one another for anything.
102) Thus, those whose scale are heavy, it is they who will reach the salvation.
103) And those whose scale are light, they are the ones who have ruined themselves; they will abide in Jahannah [Hell] eternally.
104) The fire will sear their faces while they grin.
105) Were My Ayat not recited to you? And you denied them?
106,107) They will say: "Our Rabb! Our transgression defeated us and we became a people who were in astray. Our Rabb! Take us out of here. If we do the same again, then we will truly be the ones who do wrong; act against their own good".
108,109,110,111) Allah will say: "Remain despised therein! And do not speak to me. Indeed, a group from among my servants said: "Our Rabb! We have believed; then forgive us, have mercy upon us, You are the best of the merciful". And you ridiculed them; at the end, they made you forget/abandon My remembrance/My reminder. And you laughed at them. Surely, this day, I have rewarded them for their patience; it is they who are successful".
112) Allah will say: "How many years did you remain on the earth in number of years?".
113) They will say: "We remained one day or a part of a day. Ask those who count".
114) Allah will say: "You stayed only for a little time; if only you had known!".
115) And did you think that We formed you only uselessly and you would not be returned only to Us?
116) Allah, the true owner, the ruler, is the most sublime. There is no deity except Him. He is Rabb of the most prestigious, the greatest throne[#306].
117) Whoever invokes another deity along with Allah with having no proof, let him know that his account is surely only with his Rabb. Indeed, the infidels; those who consciously denied the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb will not maintain their status, will not succeed.
118) And say: "My Rabb! Forgive and show mercy! You are the best of the merciful".