The Mountain

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) The levitation of the Tur, all books that Allah sent down which were written on a spread thin hide, that Allah did not let the destruction of His prosperous house; the Kaaba by the companions of the elephant, manipulation/destruction of the people of Ad and Thamud, drowning of the people of Noah, drowning of Pharaoh and the people who were close to him, recompensing the people of Sheba with disaster of flood, recompensing many lands like the land of Thamud by desertification under drought by drying out of their lakes and rivers are evidences that, the punishment of your Rabb will definitely occur and there is none to prevent it.[#312]
9,10) That day, the heavens/universe will shake dreadfully and the mountains will move away.
11,12) Then, on that day, o woe to the deniers who enjoy trivial affairs!
13,14,15,16) On that day, the deniers will be thrown into the fire of Jahannah [Hell]. -This is the fire you have been denying! Then, is this also a magic? Or, do you not see? Lean over it! Whether you have patience or you do not have patience, it is the same for you now. You will only be recompensed for what you did!-
17,18,19,20) Surely, those who have entered under the guardianship of Allah will be in Jannah [Heaven/Paradise], in blessings, reclining on the couches lined row upon row and enjoying what their Rabb has given them. And their Rabb will protect them from the punishment of Jahannah [Hell]. And We will pair them with large-eyed ones. -"Eat and drink; enjoy with pleasure for what you did!".-
21) And as for those who believed and descendants of whom followed them in faith; We will join their descendants with them. We will not deprive them anything of their deeds. Everyone is retain for what he earned.
22) We will provide them with the fruits and meat in abundance from whatever they desire.
23) They will exchange a cup that is free from vain talk, nonsense and wasting their time/delaying the good/being reluctant for the good/harming.
24) And around them will revolve young boys who belong to them; they are like pearls hidden in mother of pearl.
25,26,27,28) They will turn to each other and ask: "We were indeed fearful among our families. Allah favored us and protected us from the penetrating punishment. Surely, we used to invoke Him. Indeed, He is the One Who is the most beneficent and the most merciful".
29) Then remind them! You are not a soothsayer, the one who is supported by secret forces/is a madman by the favor of your Rabb.
30) Or do they say: "He is a poet; we await him to be hit by misfortune of the time"?
31) Then say: "Wait, I am among those who wait with you too".
32) Do their minds command this or are they a transgressing people?
33,34) Or do they say about what has been revealed, "He has invented and said"? Rather, they do not believe. So let them bring forth a word like it if they should be truthful.
35) Or were they formed by nothing? Or are they the ones who form?
36) Or did they form the heavens/universe and the earth? Rather, they do not have a certain knowledge.
37) Or, are the treasures of your Rabb with them? Or are they the ones who dominate?
38) Or do they have a stairway for themselves with which they listen? Then let their listener bring a clear proof.
39) Or, are daughters for Him and sons for you?
40) Or, do you ask them a payment and are they burdened because of the debt?
41) Or, are the unseen, the unheard, the unfelt, the past and the future with them so they write down?
42) Or, do they intend to plot a heinous plan? Yet the infidels; those who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb are the ones who fall into the heinous plan.
43) Or, is there a deity for them other than Allah? Purified is Allah from that which they associate with Him.
44) And if they saw a fragment falling from the heavens/universe, they would say: "These are clouds heaped up".
45) So, leave them until they will meet their day when they will faint and collapse.
46) On that day, their heinous plots will not avail them at all and they will not be helped.
47) Indeed, there is a punishment which is lesser than this for those who do wrong; act against their own good by associating others with Allah, but most of them do not know.
48,49) And be patient for the judgment of your Rabb. Indeed, you are before Our eyes. And when you arise, in a part of the night and setting of the stars/at the end of the divisions, purify your Rabb from all deficiencies with His praise. Purify Him from all deficiencies!