The Rock

3,91) They; those who assume that the Qur'an is nothing but a compilation of fragments that contain incantations, poems, myths, invented words, blasphemies; you may devastate yourself that they do not become the ones who believe!
4,90,5,6,92,93) If We willed, We would send down a sign [evidence; ray, radiation and meteors, hurricane, flood] from the sky, just like what We did to those testifiers[#157] that they would have submitted to it. And when a new reminder from Rahman [Allah; the One Who shows great mercy on the earth to all living beings that He created] came to them, they became the ones who stayed away from it. Then they indeed denied. Soon will come to them the news of that which they have been ridiculing. Al-Hijr So, by your Rabb that We will definitely question all of them from that which they have done.
1) Alif/1, Lam/30, Ra/200.[#217] These are the Ayat of the Book and an explicit Qur'an/Qur'an that clarifies.
2) Time to time the infidels; those who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb will wish "If only We had been Muslims".
12) Thus We impose the Qur'an into the hearts of the criminals.[#218]
3) Let them eat, enjoy and be diverted by false hope. But they will know soon.
4) And we have not manipulated/destroyed a land without that there was a known book for it.
5) No community can advance its end of the term nor can delay it.
6,7) And they said: "O you, upon whom the Reminder/the Qur'an has been sent down! Surely, you are supported by secret forces/are a madman. If you are among those who are truthful, you should have come to us with angels".
8) We send down those natural forces only with the truth. They would not be then among those who are given respite.
9) No doubt that it is We Who have sent down that Reminder/Qur'an. And surely, We are the protectors of it.[#219]
10) And surely, We had sent messengers to the ancient peoples before you.
11) And when a messenger came to them, they ridiculed him.
13) They do not believe in the book that is revealed/the messenger that is sent, yet Our law/implementation about the former ones has occurred, was informed to you.
14,15) And even if We opened a door upon them from the heavens/universe and they ascended up through there, they would indeed say: "Our eyes have been dazzled/blurred. Actually, we are a people affected by magic".
16) Surely, We have formed some constellations in the heavens/universe and adorned it for those who observe.
17,18) And We have protected the space from all thinking abilities except for those who heed to Our revelations even just a bit, and those who are followed by a column of fire/those who travel into the space in rockets.[#220]
19) And We have spread the earth and placed there firm stakes/mountains. And We have made grow plants from every balanced thing on the earth.
20) And We have made means of living on the earth for you and for those for whom you do not provide/And We have made certain means of living and the people for whom you do not provide.
21) And the treasures of all things are only with Us. And We send it down only by a certain measure.
22) And We have sent the winds as fertilizers and sent down a water from the sky and watered you with it. It is not you who retain/keep the water in treasures.
23) And indeed, it is only We Who give life and take life! And it is We Who will be the inheritor.
24) And certainly, We know those of you who hasten to precede and indeed, We know those of you who wish to remain behind.
25) And indeed, your Rabb is the One Who will gather them all. Surely, He is the One Who is the best law maker, the One Who precludes corruption best/makes incorruptible, knows best.
26,27) And surely, We formed seen and known creatures from the clay that sounds, from processable mud/a substance that is capable of many forms. And We had formed unseen creatures[#221] before from fire of a burning breeze that can pass through the narrowest hole/from energy that knows no boundaries.
28,29) And your Rabb once said to the forces in the universe: "I will form a human being from dry clay, formed/processed mud. And when I have proportioned him and given him knowledge,[#222] submit to him at once".
30,31) Then all angels/forces in the universe except Iblis/thinking ability submitted. He refused to be with those which submitted and did not do.
32) Allah said: "O Iblis! What is the matter with you that you are not with those which submit?".
33) Iblis said as an answer: "I have not been formed to submit to a human that You have formed from a dry clay, formed/processable mud".
34,35) Allah said: "Then get out of there! You are now indeed the one who is expelled, ruined and the curse is upon only you until the day of Religion".
36) Iblis said: "My Rabb! Then let me be against You/give me respite until the day they will be resurrected!".
37,38) Allah said: "Then you are definitely of those who will be against Me/given respite until the day of the time which is known".
39,40) Iblis said: "My Rabb! Because of the reason that You have created me to lead the people astray, I will indeed make everything on the earth attractive to them and I will indeed lead all of them astray except for your purified servants!".
41,42,43,44) Allah said: "This is a straight path that I have taken upon Me. You have no compelling power over my servants except for those who follow you of the ones who go astray. Surely, the promised place to all of them is Jahannah [Hell]. There are seven gates for it. For each of those gates, a part of them is assigned".[#223]
45,46) Surely, those who enter under the guardianship of Allah will be in gardens of Jannah [Heaven/Paradise] and within springs: "Enter there in peace and safely!".
47) And We will remove the hatred from the hearts of those who have entered under the guardianship of Allah. They will sit on sofas facing each other as brothers.
48) No fatigue will touch them in Jannah [Heaven/Paradise]. And they will not be removed from there.
49,50) Inform my servants that I am definitely the One Who is very forgiving, very merciful, My punishment is that which is a very painful punishment!
51) And inform my servants about the guests of Abraham.[#224]
52) When the guests of Abraham had entered the presence of Abraham and said: "Salam [health, peace, happiness...]!". Abraham said: "Surely, we are those who are afraid of you".
53) The guests of Abraham said: "Do not fear! Surely we give you the good tidings of a learned son".
54) Abraham said: "Do you give the good tidings to me although old age has come upon me? Then, relying on what do you give me the good tidings?".
55) The guests of Abraham said: "We give you the good tidings in truth. Do not be among those who despair!".
56) Abraham said: "Who despairs of the mercy of my Rabb other than those who are astray?".
57) Abraham said: "O the messengers that have been sent! What is your affair?".
58,59,60) The messengers said: "Surely, we have been sent to a criminal people. Except the family of Lot". -Surely, We will save all of them but the wife of Lot. We have set it up. Surely, she is among those remain behind/who look back.-
61,62) And when the messengers came to the family of Lot, Lot said: "You truly are a people who are unusual, whose identity is unknown".
63,64,65) The messengers said: "Quite contrary, we have brought you that which they were doubting about. And we have brought you the truth and we surely are the truthful ones. Now, set out your family in a part of the night, and follow them. And let none of you waste time/think about those who are left behind, proceed to the place where you are commanded".
66) -And We fulfilled the command to Lot: "Indeed, they will be eliminated by the morning".-
67) And the people of the city came happily.
68,69) Lot said: "They are indeed my guests, then do not disgrace me and enter under the guardianship of Allah and do not humiliate me!".
70) They said: "Have we not forbidden you from communicating around?".
71) Lot said: "Here are my daughters![#225] If you are among those who will...".
72) You have never seen in your life such disgraced ones who prepared their end in their passion for lust.-
73) At the sunrise that horrible shriek seized them.
74) Thus did We turn them upside down and rained upon them stones made of baked clay.
75) Surely, there are evidences/signs in this for those who discern signs; those who think and have a good understanding.
76) And surely, ruins of the city where the people of Lot used to live is on a road.
77) Surely, there is an evidence/a sign in this for those who believe.
78,79) The companions of the Thicket[#226] were the ones who did wrong; acted against their own good by associating others with Allah and We took retribution from them/established justice by seizing and recompensing them. Both of them; the people of the Thicket and Lot are on a clear road.
80) Surely, the companions of the Hijr denied the messengers as well.
81,82) And We gave them Our Ayat/evidences/signs but they were those who stayed away from them. And they used to carve safe houses from the mountains.
83,84) Then a horrible shriek seized them at the morning too. So, that which they earned did not avert anything from them at all.
85) And We formed the heavens/universe, the earth and all that is between only in/with truth and certainly, that Qiyamat [Resurrection] will absolutely occur. Now, you, behave well and do not mind.
86) Surely, your Rabb is the One Who forms with the truth and knows best.
87) Surely, We have given you many blessings in abundance and the great Qur'an.
88,89) Do not covet upon that which We have given to some among them and let them enjoy with it; wealth and fortune. Do not grieve over them either... Lower your wings for the believers. And say: "Surely, I am the one who is the clear warner".[#227]
94,95,96) Now, declare what you are commanded and keep your distance from those who associate others with Allah. Surely, We are sufficient for you against those who take another deity along with Allah, those who ridicule. They will know soon.
97) Surely, We know that your heart is constrained by what they say.
98,99) Then purify from all deficiencies with the praise of your Rabb, be among those who submit and worship your Rabb so "the certain knowledge" may come to you![#228]