1) Alif/1, Lam/30, Ra/200.[#213] These are the Ayat of that explicit book/the book which clarifies.
2) Surely, We have sent down the Qur'an in Arabic so you may understand.
3) We narrate you the best of stories[#214] as We reveal this Qur'an to you although you were among those who were unaware of/apathetic to this matter before this.
4) When Joseph said to his father: "O my father! Indeed I have seen eleven stars, the sun and the moon; I have seen them submitting to me"[#215]
5,6) His father said: "My child! Do not tell your brothers what you have seen. Or they will plot against you. Surely, satan is a clear enemy to man. Thus will your Rabb choose you and teach you informations about what the first meanings of events/words are. He will complete His favor upon you and the family of Ya'kub [Jacob] as He did upon your two ancestors before you; Abraham and Isaac. Indeed, your Rabb is the One Who knows very well, the One Who is the best law maker, the One Who precludes corruption best/makes incorruptible".
7) -Surely, there are many evidences/signs in Joseph and his brothers for those who ask about it/seek for it.-
8,9) When brothers of Joseph once said: "Joseph and his brother are dearer to our father than us, we are, on the other hand, a strong and passionate group. Surely, our father is in a dead-end. Kill Joseph or cast him away so your father will be only for you, then you will become a righteous people".
10) A speaker from among them said: "Do not kill Joseph but throw him into the bottom of that well so travelers of the caravans passing by can find and take him with them. Do it in this way if you will".
11,12) They said: "O our father! Why do you not trust us about Joseph? Indeed we wish for his good. So let him go with us tomorrow so he may enjoy the food and play. Surely, we are protectors of him".
13) Their father said: "It saddens me that you would take him with you and I fear that wolf will eat him when you are apathetic to/unconcerned with him".
14) Brothers of Joseph said: "Surely, we would be among those who lose and suffer if wolf should eat him when we are such a powerful group".
15) So brothers of Joseph took him and decided to put him into the bottom of that well. And We revealed to Joseph: "Surely, you will inform them about this affair of theirs in the future when they do not perceive".
16) And in the evening they came to their father, weeping.
17) They said: "O our father! Surely we went racing. We left Joseph with our belongings. Then, a wolf ate him. And even though we are truthful, you would not believe us".
18) And they brought his shirt with false blood on it. Their father said: "Quite contrary, your selves enticed you and made you do an affair. - So patience is most appropriate now! - and Allah is the Only One to seek refuge in for what you have told".
19) And a caravan arrived and they sent their water-carrier. He let his bucket down the well and said, "Good news! Here is a boy!". And they kept and protected him as a merchandise. However, Allah knew what they would do.
20) And they sold him for a low price; a few silver coins. They were those who were content with little for the sale of Joseph.
21) And the Egyptian man who bought Joseph said to his wife: "Make his place honorable. He may benefit us or we will adopt him". And thus We placed Joseph on the earth ... so We might teach him the informations about what the first meanings of events/words are... And Allah is dominant in His command. But most of people do not know.
22) And when Joseph reached the age of ability to distinguish between good and evil, We gave him knowledge and judgment. And thus We recompense those who do good deeds.
23) And the woman, in whose house he stayed, wanted to seduce and take advantage of him, she locked the doors and said: "Come closer!". Joseph said: "I seek refuge in Allah! Surely, your husband, my master/my Rabb; Allah made my position good. Indeed, those who do wrong; act against their own good will not succeed".
24) And surely that woman desired him. If Joseph had not seen the clear proof of his Rabb, he would have desired her. Thus it was so We should keep immorality and evil away from him. Surely, he was of our purified servants.
25) And they both hasted to the door. She tore his shirt from the back. And they faced her master at the door. She said: "What else can be the recompense of the one who intended to do evil to your family other than being thrown into the prison or a painful punishment?".
26,27) Joseph said: "It was she who sought to seduce me". And a witness from her relatives testified: "If Joseph's shirt is torn from the front then she has told the truth and Joseph is of the liars but if his shirt is torn from the back then she has lied and Joseph is of the truthful".
28,29) And when Joseph's master saw that his shirt is torn from the back, he said: "Surely, this is of the plot of yours, women. Your plot is indeed great. Joseph! Stay away from this. Woman! Ask forgiveness for your sin. Surely, you have been among the sinners".
30) And women in the city said: "Wife of Aziz seeks to seduce her boy. Surely, he has impassioned her with love. Indeed, we see her in an explicit astray".
31) And when the wife of Aziz heard that they bruit rumors, she sent them a messenger and prepared a banquet for them. And she gave a knife to each of them. And said: "Come out before them!". And when they saw Joseph, they marveled upon him and cut their hands. And they said: "Perfect! For Allah, this is not a human but only an honorable angel."/"Perfect! This is not a slave purchased but only an honorable prince".
32) The wife of Aziz said: "This is the one that you see, about whom you blamed me. Indeed, I sought to seduce him but he refused firmly. And if he does not do what I ordered him, he will definitely be thrown into prison and be of those debased".
33) Joseph said: "My Rabb! Prison is more to my liking than that which they invite me to. If You do not avert their plot from me, I will fall into their plot and be among the ignorant".
34) Then his Rabb responded to him and averted their plots away from him. Surely, He is the One Who hears in truth, knows in truth.
35) Then after they had seen such signs, it appeared to them that they should imprison him for a time.
36) And two young men entered prison with him. One of them said: "Surely, I have seen myself pressing wine". The other one said: "Surely, I have seen myself carrying bread over my head and birds ate from it. Give us its interpretation. Surely we see you among those who produce good".
37,38,39,40,41) Joseph said: "I will inform you of its interpretation before a food that is provided to you comes to you. This is a part of what my Rabb has taught me. Surely, I have left the religion, lifestyle of a people who do not believe in Allah - they are the ones who consciously deny; disbelieve in Akhirat [Afterlife]-. And I have followed the religion, life principle of my ancestors, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. It is not for us to associate anything with Allah. This is a bounty of Allah to us and the people. But most of the people do not repay for the blessings they are given. O my companions of prison! Are many individual rabbs better or Allah, the One and the Only, owner of all things, the prevailing? Those whom you worship from among those that are inferior to Allah are nothing but some names that you and your ancestors invented. Allah has sent no evidence about worshipping them. Judgment belongs only to Allah: He commanded you to worship none but Himself. This is the correct/protecting religion. But, most of the people do not know. O my companies of prison! One of you will offer wine his master again. And the other one will be driven out from city life, he will do agriculture in the farms, he will work in the stone pits and birds will eat him from his head. The matter has been decreed about which you inquire".
42) And Joseph said to the one whom he definitely knew that would be saved: "Mention me before the one whom you take your master/ruler!". Then his self made him forget to mention. And Joseph remained in prison for five-ten years.
43) And the ruler said: "Indeed, I have seen that seven lean cows eating seven fat cows, and seven green spikes and seven dry spikes. O chiefs! If you should interpret a vision, enlighten and convince me about this vision".
44) Chiefs said: "It is a mixture of visions. And we are not the ones who know the interpretation of such mixture of visions".
45) And the one who was saved from those two remembered after a time and said: "I will inform you what this vision exactly means, send me right away".
46) "Joseph! O the truthful one! Give us convincing information about "Seven lean cows eating seven fat cows. And seven green spikes and seven dry spikes" so I may return to the people being informed and so they may learn".
47,48,49) Joseph said: "For seven consecutive years you will do agriculture as usual; you will produce all kinds of food products, then leave these products on their spikes; store them except for what you consume. Then ensue will seven years of drought. These years of drought will consume what you have saved before except for a little from which you will store. Then will come a year during which people will enjoy abundance of rainfall and they will milk and press; they will have such food items as olive oil, grape juice, molasses; life will be normal again".
50) And that ruler said: "Bring him to me!". When a messenger came to Joseph, Joseph said to him: "Go back to your master and ask him what was the case with those women who cut their hands? Indeed, my Rabb knows their plan very well".
51,52,53) The ruler said: "What was the condition when you sought to seduce Joseph?". The women said: "God forbid, for Allah, we knew no evil about him". The wife of Aziz said: "Now the truth has become evident. It was I who tried to seduce him. Indeed, he is of the truthful with no doubt. -This is so that Joseph may know that I have not betrayed him in a desolate place and that Allah does not guide the plot of the betrayers.- And I do not acquit myself. Indeed, it is self that commands evil persistently. But except for those who my Rabb spares. Indeed, my Rabb is very forgiving, very merciful".
54) And the ruler said: "Bring him to me so I may appoint him for myself". And then when he spoke with him, he said, "Surely, today you have a very important position with us, you are a trustworthy man".
55) Joseph said: "Appoint me over the treasury of the earth. Surely, I am the one who protects well, who knows very well".
56,57) -Thus We gave Joseph in that place rulership; governance. He would settle wherever he willed. We bestow Our mercy to whomever We will. And We never let the reward of those do good be lost. And surely the reward of Akhirat [Afterlife] is better for those who believe and have entered under the guardianship of Allah.-
58) Brothers of Joseph came and entered his presence. He recognized them immediately but they were those who did not recognize him.
59,60) And when he prepared their supplies, he said: "Bring me brother of yours from your father. You see that I measure fully and I am the best of accommodators. If you do not bring him to me, there will be no grain for you anymore and do not come close to me!".
61) They said: "We will attempt to get him from his father and surely we are the ones who do".
62) And Joseph said to his officers: "Put their money into their saddlebags so they may realize it when they have gone back to their family and may come again!".
63) Thus, when they returned to their father, they said: "O our father! Grain has been forbidden to us; we will not be given grains anymore. Therefore, send our brother with us this time so we may get grains. And we will absolutely protect him".
64) Their father said: "Should I entrust you with him? Other than what happened when I entrusted you with his brother; Joseph before! Then, Allah is the One Who protects best. And He is the most merciful of those who show mercy".
65) And when they opened their baggage they found their money returned to them. They said: "O our father! What else should we desire? Here, our money is returned to us. We will get grains for our family with this and bring it, we will protect our brother as well and get a camel's load of extra grains. This is a very easy/a very little amount of grains".
66) Their father said: "I will never send him with you until you give me a promise by Allah that you will definitely bring him to me unless you are surrounded/you all become helpless". And when they had given their promise to their father, their father said: "Allah is the One Who arranges pursuant to a schedule and implements this schedule by supporting, maintaining it for what we have said".
67) And he said: "O my children! Do not enter from one gate, enter from different gates. I can not avail you against Allah at all. Judgment belongs only to Allah. I rely only on Him. And those who rely should rely only on Him".
68) And when they arrived to the city, they entered as their father had ordered them. This would not avail them against Allah at all, but this was only a realization of a wish that Jacob had. And surely, he was a possessor of knowledge since We had taught him. But most of the people do not know.
69) And when they entered the presence of Joseph, Joseph took his brother to himself: "Indeed, I am your brother! Therefore, do not grieve over what they did!
70) And then when Joseph prepared their important belongings, supplies, he put the water bowl into the bag of his brother. Then a caller called out: "O caravan! Indeed, you are thieves!"
71) The caravan said turning to them: "What is it you are missing?".
72) Officials said: "We are missing the water bowl of the ruler and for whoever brings it will be a load of grains. And I guarantee it".
73) The ones in the caravan said: "We swear by Allah, and you certainly know that we did not come to make corruption on the earth/here. And we are not thieves either".
74) Officials said: "If you should be liars, what is the recompense for the one who steals?".
75) The caravan said: "Its recompense, in whose bag it is found, he will be its recompense/he will be kept, he will pay the price himself. Thus we recompense those who do wrong; act against their own good".
76) Then Joseph started to search their bags before the bag of his brother. Then he brought the water bowl out from the bag of his brother. Thus We taught such a trick to Joseph.[#216] There was no way to keep his brother within the religion of the king/laws of the country. - Except that Allah wills. We raise in degrees whomever We will. And there is always another one who knows better over every possessor of knowledge. -
77) The caravan said: "If he becomes a thief with the fact that the water bowl has been found in his bag, then one of his brothers; that's to say, one of us indeed becomes a thief as well with the fact that the money which we had paid before as the price of grain came out of our baggage when we returned to our homeland. Yet, none of us was accused of theft by anyone, we were given grain once again. In this case, our brother can not be accused of theft." Joseph kept that which happened as a secret at that time and did not make an explanation about this to them and said: "You certainly are very bad in position, Allah is the One Who knows best what you describe".
78) They said: "O Aziz! Surely, he has a father who is very old. Therefore, take one of us in place of him. Surely, we see you among those who do good".
79) Joseph said: "We seek refuge in Allah from catching/keeping except him with whom we have found our possession. Surely, if we do like that we will be those who do wrong; act against their own good".
80,81,82) And when they lost their hope upon him, they secluded, whispering among themselves. Eldest of them said: "Do you not remember that you have sworn by Allah before your father and you transgressed about Joseph before? I will not leave here until my father gives me permission or Allah gives a judgment about me. And Allah is the best of those who judge. Now go back to your father and say: "O our father! Surely, your son has stolen/has been accused of theft. And we have testified only to what we knew. And we are not the guardians of the unseen, the unheard and the unfelt. Ask the city we were in and the people of the caravan we have travelled along. We surely are truthful".
83) Their father said: "Quite contrary, your selves enticed you to drag you an affair. Patience is most appropriate now! I hope that Allah will bring three of them [Joseph, his little brother and elder brother] back to me. Indeed, He is the One Who knows best, Who makes laws, rules and principles that are set forth to prevent injustice and chaos".
84) And Jacob turned away from them. And he said: "Alas, my longing for Joseph!". And his two eyes became white from sorrow [withered, depressed]. Now Jacob was a man who swallowed continuously; who kept his sorrow within himself.
85) They said: "By Allah that you mention Joseph all the time. At the end you will disappear or be one of those who are manipulated/destroyed".
86,87) Jacob said: "I complain of my excessive longing, my grief to Allah. And I know from Allah that which you do not know. O my sons! Go search for Joseph and his brother. Do not despair of the relief Allah gives you, surely no one but those infidels; those who consciously deny the divinity of Allah and the fact that He is Rabb will despair of the relief from Allah".
88) And when they entered the presence of Joseph, they said: "O Aziz! Adversity has touched us and our family. And we have come with a poor capital. But give us full scale. And give us sadaqa as well. Surely, Allah recompenses those who give sadaqa".
89) Joseph said: "Do you know what you did to Joseph and his brother when you were ignorant?"
90) Brothers of Joseph said: "Are you really Joseph?". Joseph said: "I am indeed and he is my brother. Surely, Allah has given us His blessings. Surely, whoever enters under the guardianship of Allah and is patient; then no doubt Allah will not let the reward of those who do good deeds be lost".
91) They said: "By Allah, Allah exalted you above us. And we surely have been the wrong".
92,93) Joseph said: "No condemnation and accusation will be upon you today. May Allah forgive you. He is the most merciful of those who show mercy. Take my shirt and put it on the face of my father so he may be saved from that scorned/ridiculed illness/being depressed. And bring me your all family".
94) And when the caravan left, their father said: "If you do not call me weak minded, I truly find the smell of Joseph".
95) They said: "Indeed, you are still in your same old confusion".
96) But when the bearer of good tidings arrived, he put the shirt on the face of Jacob, he immediately became saved from the scorned/ridiculed illness. He said: "Have I not said to you? I truly know from Allah that which you do not know".
97) They said: "O our father! Ask forgiveness of our sins for us. Indeed, we have been sinners".
98) Jacob said: "I will later ask my Rabb for forgiveness for you. Surely, He is the One Who is very forgiving, very merciful".
99) When they entered the presence of Joseph, Joseph embraced his father and mother, cherished them and took them by himself and said: "Enter Egypt in safety by the will of Allah!".
100) And he exalted his father and mother upon a high throne. And all of them submitted to him. And Joseph said: "My father! This is the interpretation of what I saw. Indeed my Rabb has made it true. My Rabb certainly did favor to me by getting me out of prison and bringing you through the desert after satan sown enmity between me and my brothers. Indeed, my Rabb is the One Who gives bounties to whatever He wills. Indeed He is the One Who knows best, the One Who is the best law maker".
101) -"My Rabb! You have given me rulership and taught me from the informations of the first meanings of what will occur/of the words. Creator of the heavens/universe and the earth from nothing! You are my helper, my protector in the world and in the Akhirat [Afterlife]; take my life as Muslim and join me with the righteous!-
102) This, what We have revealed to you is from the news of which you have not seen, heard, known. And you were not with them when they decided and plotted their evil deeds.
103) Although you desire passionately, many of the people are not to believe.
104) And you do not ask them any payment for this. The Qur'an is nothing but a reminder for the mankind.
105,106) And there are many evidences/signs in the heavens/universe and on the earth, they pass over them as the ones who turn away. Most of them do not worship Allah without associating others with Him.
107) Are they safe from that a calamity from the punishment of Allah that will surround them all will come or the hour/the moment of Qiyamat [Resurrection] will come suddenly while they do not perceive?
108) Say: "This is my path; I invite you to Allah as a requirement of reason, knowledge and common sense. I and those who follow me... And purified is Allah. And I am not among those who associate others with Allah".
109) And We sent some mature men before you as messengers to whom We revealed only from among their own people. Have they not traveled through those places? So they may see how was the end of those who passed on before them! Indeed, the home of Akhirat [Afterlife] is better for those who enter under the guardianship of Allah. Will you still not use your reason?
110) And when the messengers were to despair and were certain that they would be denied, Our help came to them. Then those who We willed were saved. And our punishment can not be repelled from the people of criminals.
111) Surely, there is an evidence/a sign in the stories of Joseph, his father and his brothers for those who are capable of understanding. The Qur'an is not an invented word. It is only a confirmation of what is mentioned within it, a detailed explanation of everything, a guidance and mercy for those who believe.